For a busy mommy like me who works for 60 hours a week and plays a full time mommy duty to three children, it is very seldom to find time to visit shopping mall. And if I find time, I hardly find clothes that suit my taste in department stores which makes online shopping as the best option for me. Aside from Facebook, Instagram is the best place to shop.

When my baby girl came, I cast around Instagram for baby shops to follow and stalk for pretty baby dresses and stuff. Here are my recommended Top 6 LEGIT Instagram Baby Shops.

1. Kariannas Closet I love made to order clothes for my little one. Her creative hand makes pretty nice clothes for newborn - 5 yrs old girls. She has limited designs per fabric, so better follow her to get first dibs of her new designs.

2. Pretty Sisters Closet All that I want for my little one are pretty clothes made of high quality material, yet tagged at very affordable prices. Well, this online shop got the cutest clothing for my little princess at very low price. They deliver fast and the seller is very accommodating. It has always been a hassle free transaction with her. She accepts Paypal which is so convenient for me.

3. casseylittletots This is my favorite store for all my baby's head accessories. Their made to order turbans, crowns  and head bands are all nicely hand crafted. All are made of high quality fabric.   

4. The Secret Stash by Liz This is one of my fave IG store! She has a lot of buyers so better keep updated for the next upload, do some ninja moves and type MINE or feel sorry. 
5. little loods This one sells wide range of high quality export clothes for your little ones. I have purchased to them once and I was pleased with the quality and service. 

6. Audriannas Corner I totally love my stash from this IG shop. Just like the previous shops, she sells export quality clothes for baby girls. I have purchased few pieces from her, very accommodating seller and ships fast.

Always remember to do your own research in purchasing online to avoid scams.