For the Palm Sunday, family decided to head North. So we ended up at Monasterio de Tarlac. This monastery is at the top of the mountain they call Mount Resurrection. 

The road to Monasterio de Tarlac is challenging. The steep road is quite alarming because the other side is cliff while the other side is the mountain. There are bible verse written in tarpaulins along the way. The bible verses are indeed very suitable to the challenge of going up to the place. I couldn't take a photo of even one because I was holding my baby. 

There is an entrance fee of P20 which goes to maintenance budget of the place. You will notice that the area is well-maintained. Its pretty clean every where you look. 
When we finally reach the monastery, the first thing we did is walk around. We took pictures of the place since we cannot proceed to the mass right away because it was already past half of the service. We decided to wait for the next mass so we took advantage of the time to take endless photos and eat our lunch. 

You can enjoy the view from the top, the beauty of nature. This place has many opportunities for picture taking. 

There is a picnic area where visitors can rest for a while, kids can play, and eat your food while enjoying the fresh air. We had lunch under a big mango tree, hubby prepared finger foods for all of us. I saw that there is a small restaurant, and some small sized stores in the area, too.

Because it is Palm Sunday, there are a lot of tourists visited the monastery.  

This is such a great place to visit especially during Holy Week. My family enjoyed the view. But I would like to remind tourists to always keep safe and make sure your vehicles are well prepared for the travel. The road to the monastery is accident prone area and we almost encountered an accident on our way home. Thanks to our Lord that we arrived home safe.