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When it comes to wedding day gifts, there are lots of options. Whatever the gift you choose, ensure its thoughtful and personalized. It does not matter whether it is extravagant or expensive. However, it is not a must to give a gift where you are not required to, though its good to give the bride and groom something.

Gift Cards
Forget the usual cards; this time round go for the unique type of cards. Visit a d├ęcor or furniture store and chose a card with different decorations and furniture. This will allow the recipient to select from an extensive set of items. It might look straightforward and obvious, but it can come in handy to a couple who don’t have time to visit furniture and it is easy to carry around as it is not bulky. Sites like has some of the best offers.

Create An Instagram Album
The couple has cute pictures and selfies they have taken all through their journey. Grid all these pictures together, have them printed and then give them as a gift on their wedding day. This is a unique way of helping them remember their journey together. They will appreciate the fact that you took your time to create something special out of their memories.

Games As Gifts
The couple is young and just got married. Getting them a game as a gift is a perfect move. The game is god for them after they’ve had a long tiresome day. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, they can keep themselves busy with the game while sipping a glass of wine accompanying it with some great laughter.

Beautiful, Stylish Ornaments
Ornaments are adorable even though they may look useless. If the couple loves adventure or perhaps wildlife, why not get them some wildlife carvings from Africa. These ornaments have a way of bringing out the most of a room.

Love Journal Gift
Here is a couple that is embarking on a new chapter in life. Why not get them a journal full of letters and love notes. This is a rare gift that will remind the couple just what love is. This journal may consist of cards and written messages and poems that will remind the couple the reasons for getting married. The letters also encourage the new couple on the marriage life ahead.

A Musical Collection
If the couple loves listening to music, get them a collection of music. The will be happy know that you gave them an album from their favorite musician. This music should be able to convey the message that you would wish them to hear as they embark their new life as husband and wife.

A Gift For The Honeymoon

In case you got wind of where the couple would go for their honeymoon, then get them a gift that they would use while there. If they will go to a coastal town, why not get them stylish sunglasses, trendy swimming costumes sandals, etc.  you can also get them the map of the area as a gift.