Laneige Water Sleeping Mask #ProductReview

For the past year, my skin concerns include excessive sebum in my nose area, oiliness in my T-zone, and dry skin at the rest of my face (not to mention the fine lines appearing in my forehead and beside my lips). I like a product that gives longer effectiveness. I am now experimenting on which brand of skin care products should I go for. Since I am pretty obsessed with Korean skin care, I decided to try Laneige Sleeping Mask which I have seen a lot of positive reviews. The only concern I have is this is at pricey side. A 70ml tub costs $29 / P1,409.00.

I need to be smart, and look for a smaller size of this product to give it a test before I go for the big sized tub. Successfully, I found this sample which retails for a cheaper price from an IG online shop.

  • A little goes a long way, just a pea sized of the product can already cover my whole face.
  • I like the cooling effect once you spread the product all over your skin.
  • It is mildly scented, doesn't hurt my nose. *This is water based, gel type mask which makes it easy to apply. It actually feels sticky upon application but quickly absorps by the skin.
  • It takes few minutes before the stickiness subsides but after that, your face feels refreshed.
  • It has soothing effect overnight.
  • My skin feels healthy the next morning.
  • Doesn't irritate my skin.

Overall, the effect on my skin is this product makes my face look and feel hydrated but only for a short term of not more than 10 hours. For the price, I expect a product with long-lasting hydrating effect which may last for atleast 24-48 hours. That even I stayed up late last night, I still look well rested all day long the next day. I 'd just go for a moisturizer than keep this Laneige sleeping mask since for the same value, I can get products with longer moisturizing effect.

I am still using the remaining product but I don't plan to purchase again. I will just use this up and enjoy the hydrating effect it gives my face over night :)

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