Copy, Print Scan with Epson L360

As the school year starts, I need to get very reliable gadgets, and appliances to help me ease the loads of my mommy duties. I am a very busy mom with a full time job and two part time jobs. I am hands on in every single thing my children needs on a daily basis, 24 hours a day. I got three children, a 6th grade, a kindergarten, and a five month old baby. Yeah, I got a lot of tasks every day including helping my two sons in their school projects and assignments. With that being said, a decent, good quality printer with a reasonable price is a must-have in our home.

Together with hubby, we looked for a reliable yet affordable printer we can use at our home office. We opt for multi-purpose printer; a printer, scanner and copier in one. We saw this Epson L360 which has everything that we need. Retails at a little more than P7,000, we got this printer.

I am pleased with its performance. We can get to print a lot with a bottle of Epson ink.

It comes with an installer for my laptop, I can easily print out photos from the images and activity sheets for Brad which I got online.

I use the printer almost every single day. Printing out some activity sheets for my two students. The quality of the print out is much better than the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 which I had last year, but retired in less than a year (sigh). This printer is a great one for the price.

Not only that, this printer is also perfect to use in businesses and home office. I tried printing out some planner inserts for myself which I think I can also use to sell online.
It is very easy to use, just like other printers, the light will blink when there is an error or if it runs out of ink.

I am hoping this printer will last a little longer than the previous printer we had. I have high hopes that this is a dependable printer I can always use for school and hopefully business purposes.


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