No doubt looking after your children is a labour of love, but the daily hassle of child care often gets parents thinking ‘what if we were financially rewarded for raising these little humans?’ Has this funny thought ever crossed your mind? If yes, then the study of Bidvine will put your curiosity at rest.

The online local services marketplace conducted a survey which revealed that if mothers were paid for looking after their children, they would receive up to £83,427 per year. The amount turns out to be huge. And why not? Considering the sacrifices mums make, the affection they bestow and the attention they give to their children 24/7, this amount still falls short. 
Every parent has a different style of parenting and a different work load to carry. The struggle is real for working parents who have to battle through the sleepless nights and lost appetite. On the other hand, stay-at-home parents don’t have much to worry about. To find out the worth of different parenting styles, a calculator was provided to UK parents for calculating an estimated pay based on how much parents have to work.
Bidvine interviewed 1,200 British mothers and found that on average, mothers daily spend almost 4 hours on the cleaning chores, 2 hours in the readying of meals and 1 hour on washing clothes. As far as their availability is concerned, they’re on duty the entire day for their children.
Some of the participating mothers had an additional responsibility of looking after their pets. 44% of the involved households owned a pet, and almost all the duties from feeding and bathing to walking the pets out were on mothers’ shoulders.
74% of the mothers confessed they did most of the household jobs, while 67% complained about feeling entirely in charge of their kids.
Bidvine is an online platform that connects the customers with the experts. Public members can ask for the services of experienced workers and choose the one they see fit. Customers can hire builders, electricians, cleaners, photographers, caterers, personal trainers, tutors etc, from the site. It is a great option for busy moms to entrust their household jobs to the best professionals in the market.
The online services marketplace has a record of many proficient service providers in its database. With the help of their internal data and insight, they figured out hourly rates for different household tasks mother used to complete on daily basis. These hourly rates were then converted into daily rates by Bidvine’s efficient team and then by using the survey results, the annual rates were estimated.
The final figure came to be around £83,427, which is approximately equal to the big paid jobs. Retail managers, bank managers and medical practitioners get this much money annually.
This amount though looks high, but it is nothing close to the services mothers deliver to raise their children.