For a lot of us moms, it can be easy to put one's own health and well-being to the bottom of the pile. Of course, the little one is going to come first, and then they are very small they tend to let you frequently know that they need someone form you like change, feed or a hug. This can make it feel like you have no time to look after yourself. In fact, even the smallest thing like taking a shower can seem like an impossible feat, let alone getting your fix of regular exercise. But believe me when I say it really is possible to keep healthy when you have kids, just read on for some suggestions.

Stroller Run
One of the debts ways of keeping fit when you have a little one is to get out her and walk or run as much as possible. Of course, baby can't do it with you, and that is why you have to learn to do this while they are in the stroller.

To keep them happy you can get some tips from, something that will allow you to exercise without it causing too much disruption. In fact, some babies respond really well to the movement, and it can help them get off to sleep quicker. There are even stroller running groups and races for new parents. Then you can exercise with friends in a community together. Something that might make it a bit easier to get into and keep up with.

Home workouts
Of course running with a stroller instead everyone's idea of a good time. In fact some folks much pressure to do their workouts on their own without being on the show to the general public. Luckily there is an easy way to do this at home, and it's with an interactive workout video.

All you need to do is run them on your computer, iPad or even phone, and you can transform your living room into the perfect place to workout and transform your body. Check out for some reviews of the best ones. Then once you have chosen one, the only thing you will need to worry about is getting the little one to take a nap so you can get on with it.

Ditch the scraps
Something that so many moms have trouble with is eating scraps of food from their children plate, see for more info on this. To a non- mom, this could seem a little gross, but to those of us that spend all of our time taking care of someone, else welfare can just be a lot easier to grab a bit to what is in front of us right then and there. However, it's not the best for keeping fit and healthy because you often end up eating a lot of stuff that you don't really want or like just because it's convenient.


Instead, try and fight the guilt that comes with throwing away unwanted food, where would you rather it be in the bin or on your hips? Also, make your own healthy snacks for the time when Baby eats, so you aren't tempted to dip into what they are having.