Was there ever a time when you went online to search for a service provider or a particular business in your area but came up with no good results?

In this day and age, people mostly rely on the internet for solutions, whether they are looking for an affordable wedding dress maker, a vintage artwork or a sports gear shop. Some even rely on the internet when looking for a handyman. We all have become dependent on search engines for answers even to our most common problem because, let’s face it, it is cost and time efficient that way.
However, most people get disappointed when the results are not favorable. The internet can be either of two things – solutions provider or a cesspool of fakers and posers.

We know how it feels to believe you found what you were looking for online only to end up getting scammed. We’ve been there not just once, but many times and while people quipped that these strokes of bad luck should just be ‘charged to experience’ and ‘remembered as lessons learned the hard way’, we still long for a day and time when we can simply log on the web, search for a solution to an issue we’re facing at that precise moment, find an answer and never feel trepidation or fear of getting victimized by a scammer.

Well, that day has finally arrived. There is now a website that we can go for verified and legit business information and this is Lookna.com. With Lookna, there are no sign up fees and the service is completely free for searchers. What’s also beautiful about Lookna is its simple yet powerful design. Simply go to the website and type the type of business or service you are looking for. The website will pull up several listings for you to choose from, it will also show the businesses’ distance from your location. Once you have clicked on an option, it will show you the complete information you need to get in touch with the business entity such as complete address, telephone number, website and email address. 

All business listings on Lookna have been verified as legit businesses to ensure that users will not encounter scammers. This is what sets Lookna apart from other hyperlocal search engines – that it only allows legit businesses to get an advertisement space on their website.
So the next time you are looking for a trustworthy handyman to repair your broken pipes or a landscape artist to transform your garden into a zen corner, just go to Lookna.com. Similarly, if you are someone who prefers to visit a business or a service provider first before deciding on whether you want to hire them or not, just pull up their information on Lookna, oh and did we mention you can also pull up a directional map? Yes you can.
What we love about Lookna is that you don’t have to fear about encountering people who are only out there to rip you off. All of the information you’ll find on Lookna are certified true and correct information. Fantastic, isn’t it?
Lookna is available in two hundred countries worldwide at the moment and will be expanding to more location in the coming months.