Summer holiday is the time for the family to get back together and enjoy a vacation in a sunny location, without worrying about work deadlines or the alarm clock waking you up in the morning. As times of relaxation go, the summer holiday is one of the favorite family times. It’s the perfect mix of togetherness and entertainment for everyone. But there’s one thing that a family holiday needs, and it’s proper packing. Let’s not talk about the kind of clothes and shoes that you should take with you here. Today, we want to focus on an important travel bag that you should prepare for your summer vacation: The first aid bag. What do you need to pack in it to get your family ready for the summer?

Summer outfit

#1. It’s Going To Be Sunny
Back to basics: It’s a summer holiday, therefore it’s likely to be hot and sunny. After all, that’s what you expect it to be. Consequently, you need to take sun protection for your kids and yourself. Remember babies and toddlers have a very sensitive skin compared to adults. What this means is that they need a specific sunscreen lotion that has been designed with them in mind. To give you an idea, kids should wear sunscreen protection 50, while adults, even with light skin, can safely wear cream with SP 20 to 30 without catching a sunburn. Additionally, make sure you’ve packed a hat and sunglasses for everyone!  

#2. The Essential Wound Treatment
Children have a tendency to attract scratches and little cuts more than adults. This might come from their energetic sense of play and discovery! As a parent, we all know it: Kids fall, bump their heads, or even cut themselves. That’s what they do at home, so you can’t expect them to be more cautious when they’re on holiday. So, make sure to pack plasters, protective dressing and disinfectant for your vacation. A little tip here: get a pack of Tegaderm film if you’re going on a beach holiday. It’s the perfect waterproof dressing for an acute wound!

#3. Looking After That Upset Tummy
It’s not uncommon for children and adults to struggle with an upset stomach when on vacation. Blame it on the weather, the exotic food or the abundance of ice cream, but more than half families with young children complain of a painful tummy during their holiday. More often than not, this could be the result of indigestion or constipation – especially if children have not been eating healthily. Take a water bottle to help to relieve stomach ache and induce a bowel movement if necessary for young children. It’s best to avoid drugs for children. But make sure to get in touch with a doctor if the pain isn’t getting better within an hour.  

#4. No More Buzzing
Mosquitos are the nightmare of holidaymakers. They keep buzzing all night long and keep you awake. Their bites are itchy. And in some areas, such as in the Philippines, a mosquito bite can transmit serious diseases. To put it in other words, you need to pack an insect repellent such as Green Cross throughout the day (and the night) to keep mosquitos at bay. When going out in the evening, make sure to wear long sleeves and long trousers, especially if you live near the water.