Children are sponges. You’ll hear this phrase a lot as a parent, that children are little sponges that soak up as much information as possible and remember almost everything they learn. As parents, we have to maximise this ability to retain knowledge as much as possible and harness as much creativity as we can from children, while they’re still happy to be creative.
Creativity comes in many forms and as adults, we know how we like to spend our spare time. For some, it’s sports – both watching and participating. For others, it’s playing music or singing. One of the most common hobbies that people like to be involved in is cooking and baking. Cooking is something of an art, which is why there are no end of programs on the television about cooking, creating new recipes and competing against others for the crown of best chef. For most people, a love of cooking and baking starts at a very young age. The magic of mixing together nothing but ingredients and creating something delicious is simply awe-inspiring for a child – and if you like cake, an adult!
So many people believe that creativity is a talent that is natural and people either have it when they’re born or not. This is just not true. Children can learn to be creative, in the same way that you once learned to find love in football or baking cakes. The important thing is to know how to pull the creativity from your children and nurture their talents as much as possible. As a parent, you’ll likely be keen to do as much as humanly possible to make them happy, and it’s because of this that you will want to foster as much creativity in the children as possible. So, how can you do that? How can you ensure that you are giving your children the best chance to be as creative as possible?
Provide Resources. Creativity isn’t just pulled out of thin air – unless ballet and dancing is how your children choose to express their creativity! You have to be able to provide the best you can for the activity they want to do. If cooking and baking is their passion, then you have to find the best cast-iron skillet money can buy so that you can give them the best start in cookery lessons from home. Using the best equipment is the best way to get started so that your children can be secure in their new hobby. While you’re providing equipment, don’t forget to provide space! Children need space to be creative as well as the tools at hand. Checking out websites like this to be able to get ideas for their particular hobby is a good idea, and a way to ensure you have the right things in the house for their learning opportunities.
Celebrate At Home. Creativity and innovation is something to be celebrated in a big way and to do that, you have to make your home a hotbed of creative activity. Making an atmosphere of creativity can help to harness their new interest. Get the garden prepped and ready for sports that they want to be involved in; baseball diamonds are an absolute possibility if that’s what is wanted! Stock the kitchen with the right ingredients for making ice cream and cakes. Encourage them to make mistakes while they’re learning their new craft.
Step Back. As a parent, it’s easy to get involved and step in when you can see egg shells are about to land in the cake batter, or the paintbrushes are about to be mixed up. Hold your tongue, take a step back and allow the mistakes to be made. By doing this, you’re encouraging your children to learn from the mistakes that they make and do better next time. You don’t have to helicopter – though we know that can be hard – for them to learn. Be a driving force, but don’t stand in front of their exploration! Don’t live in fear of the floor and walls getting messy; just ensure you buy washable equipment where possible!
Taking the time to maximise creativity in children is something that all parents endeavour to do. If you get the chance to be the person who encourages their child and lift them high, then do so. Children learn far better with the right support – so as long as you are offering that, you’re winning at parenting!