Most people think of love as romantic, passionate, and often erotic, but love varies and comes in many different forms. And you don’t have to be an expert in neuroscience training to understand that love’s chemicals make you feel good. Love comes in bonds, such as the bond between a mother and child, or the bond between siblings, friends, pets, and other loved ones. And each of these types of loves can encourage you to be a better person—here’s how:

Love Changes Your Perspectives
When you love someone, you want the best for them, so your views on the world and life are forever changed. Love releases endorphins throughout your body, so you have a sense of happiness dwelling on the surface—most of the time. But love can also be painful and challenging, in which case your perspectives are AGAIN altered to reflect the emotions you feel from and towards your loved one. Complicated, yes. But worth it.

Love Opens Your Mind to Possibilities and New Dreams
When you love someone, your heart isn’t the only thing that opens. Your mind expands, your feelings extend, and you begin to develop new dreams—mostly involving those that you love and care for. For instance, when a new mother greets her baby for the first time, her mind is flooded with all of the possibilities, such as what her child will become, and all of the amazing things they will do together.

Love Gives You Something to Live For
The average person experiences multiple existential crises throughout their lifetime. Questions like, “what’s my purpose,” and, “why am I here,” are common plagues on the mind. However, love of any kind gives you something to live for because it gives you something to look forward to. When you are loved and love in return, you become better capable of coping with the stresses of everyday life.

Love Encourages Kindness and Non-Judgement
Martin Luther King Junior said, “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” When you have love in your heart, you have a wider, better capacity for kindness. You are able to put your judgements aside for the sake of positive vibes, which is a beautiful thing in today’s world.

Love is a positive and compelling emotion. One that so many people seek in its romantic form. However, those same people often forget that love comes in different forms. By being aware of the unique varieties of love, you can begin to build the better person within you.