Getting stuck into crafts together as a family is beneficial for just about everybody. Not only do you get to enjoy some quality time together, you all develop your artistic skills and end up with something beautiful that you can treasure forever. If you’ve ever thought about creating a family scrapbook, you’ve come to the right place. Scrapbooking can be immensely rewarding and help your family to keep all of the little trinkets and memories that you’ve picked up on your adventures. You can use it to display pictures, ticket stubs, sweet wrappers, pressed flowers, and just about anything else you think you might want to look back on together.

Let’s talk about how your family can start creating a scrapbook:


Get Organized
Get as organized as possible before you start making your scrapbook so that you don’t make any mistakes. Get your materials, pictures, and any other bits and pieces you think you want to include in your scrapbook. It’s also a good idea to have a picture in your head of what you want it to look like. You can find inspiration all over the internet, and there’s really no end to the amount of things you can do with your scrapbook to make it look amazing. You can buy ready made scrapbooks or buy the stuff to make your own from places like Whatever you do, make sure there are enough pages to fill all of your adventures and that you leave room for writing about what you did.

How about letting each family member write a short bit about their take on the month/week/activity? This can be fun, especially if you have kids of different ages who may be able to provide their own unique insight.

Tell A Story
Don’t just stick things into your scrapbook without writing anything about them. If you look back on this book in 20 years, are you going to remember why you put that random photo or flower in there? Write something next to the item to explain the significance. Your scrapbook will make a bigger impact this way and be more helpful to you in the future.

Design Your Pages Monthly
Instead of trying to create your entire scrapbook at once, how about designing monthly pages? You can fill the month with pictures and other activities that took place that month. You’ll always have something to put in there if you do it month by month, and when you look back at the end of the year it’ll be like having a fun review of everything you’ve done together.

How do you like these tips for scrapbooking with your whole family? This is an activity that can help to bring you all closer together all while having fun. If you’re the kind of family who likes to go on adventures together, a scrapbook will be perfect for reminiscing in years to come. Leave your thoughts and ideas below. Come back for more tips and ideas soon!