Protect Your Body with Forti-D

Did you know that 7 out of 10 Filipinos lack Vitamin D? You or any of your family could be one of them. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to chronic diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and even cancer. Our health should be a primary concern, and taking enough Vitamins should be given proper attention. 

Some signs of Vitamin D deficiency:

  • Tiredness/fatigue
  • Muscle and joint weakness or pain.

But you may still be deficient even if you don’t feel these.

·         Vitamin D-Deficiency happens because:
1.       It’s hard to get enough Vitamin D from the sun (indoor lifestyle, clothing, skin color, aging, and use of umbrellas or sunscreen limit Vitamin D absorption)

2.       It’s difficult to obtain from food (RDA of Vitamin D is equivalent to 40 eggs / 8 glasses of milk / 800g of salmon / 2 cans of tuna flakes every day).

A breastfeeding mom needs all the vitamins she can get for both of her and her baby's health. Vitamin D Supplementation for breastfeeding mothers is equally important to help provide Vitamin D requirements of the breastfeeding infant. Vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption among infants. If Vitamin D Concentration in the mother’s breast milk is low (which, as studies show, is usually the case), this may lead to Vitamin D Deficiency in infants. Vitamin D Deficiency in infants can cause “rickets, delayed motor development, muscle weakness, aches and pains, and fractures” (see: 

Prevention is always better than cure, don't wait for health problems to happen. There are ways on how you can serve your body enough Vitamin it needs. To protect your body from Vitamin D deficiency, you can take Forti-D. 

Forti-D gives protective effects against serious diseases by keeping VITAL ORGANS functioning healthily (including the heart, bones, muscles and brain). 1 soft gel capsule a day gives you your daily requirement of Vitamin D (800 IU) safe for daily intake. 

You always have the choice to start protection today. Forti-D helps protect you and your loved ones from serious diseases.

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