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I had a look through my old posts earlier today, and I saw one that focused on why it’s important to look after your parent's health as well as your children’s. This reminded me of a health topic I think is very important and needs to be discussed. As the title suggests, I’m talking about Alzheimer's. Or, more specifically, what happens if your parent develops this disease.

The reason I think this is a topic that needs discussing is that millions of elderly people get Alzheimer's every year and there’s a high chance your parents might suffer from it too. Furthermore, it’s a health problem that primarily targets their brain, which means their whole life can suffer as a result. If you truly care about your parent’s health and well-being, you need to learn what to do if they have Alzheimer's.

Understand Their Symptoms

There are lots of symptoms that come with Alzheimer's, but memory loss is the most prevalent. As such, you need to understand that your parent is going to become forgetful. They will forget they’ve done things, they might forget to do things, and it can become frustrating for you as well as them. Some people can get really annoyed and lose their temper as it’s hard trying to talk to someone that keeps forgetting everything you say. But, keep telling yourself the memory loss isn’t their fault and that it’s just a symptom of this disease. Be patient with them and learn the other Alzheimer's symptoms too so you can’t get mad when they exhibit unusual behavior.

Give Them The Care They Need

Someone with Alzheimer's is in a very vulnerable place, and the world becomes more dangerous to them. When you forget things, you could head out one day and forget what you were doing and end up lost. This happens to lots of old people that aren’t given the care and support they need. To keep your parent safe, you should ensure they’re supervised as much as possible. If you can’t do this yourself, find an Alzheimer's caregiver to help them for you. As well as providing companionship and ensuring they’re okay, a carer can help with their symptoms. They can try and play games or do tasks that get your parent using their brain and exercising their mind to try and remember things. The bottom line is that you need to provide them with care and assistance.

Spend Time With Them

Alzheimer’s is a brutal disease, and a third of seniors with it can die. Therefore, you should make an effort to spend as much time with your parent as you can, just in case. Even if you can’t fully commit to caring for them, you can still visit them in a care home as often as you can. While you’re spending time with them, you should bring old photos or show videos. This is the best way to help them remember things as you’re actually showing evidence of what you’re talking about. It can help them remember you and your family for much longer than if you didn’t spend time with them at all.

I really hope this article helps anyone out there that’s dealing with this situation. It’s never nice when your parents have health problems like this, but hopefully, you now know what to do and the best ways of dealing with it.