5 Quick Chores You’ll Thank Yourself for Doing

As a busy mom, your time is precious. Luckily, there are some fast and easy tasks you can do today that will save you time and energy later on.

Set up Autopay for Your Bills

Setting up autopay for your bills will only take a few minutes of your time right now, and it has the potential to save you lots of time each month when the bills come rolling in. Rather than having to sit down and log into each account for your electric bills or cable bills, or mail out checks, you can set up autopay to have your bill payments flow out of your account each month without you having to take any action.

Sign up for a Meal Delivery Service or a Grocery Delivery Service

Grocery shopping is a chore that can become time-consuming. Why not make things easy on yourself by having your groceries delivered? There are several different companies that you can order meals from, and they will send you the fresh ingredients you need to make them. Two such companies are Hello Fresh and Blue Apron. You can choose your meals ahead of time (both companies allow you to choose a family-size serving!) and once a week; you will get a delivery of the ingredients for your chosen meals. This is a fun and simple way for you to save some time, while also ensuring you and your family are eating healthy foods!

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Making a quick phone call to schedule heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance can actually save you loads of time (and money!) down the road. By scheduling regular HVAC maintenance, minor issues will be discovered before they become big problems. No one likes to deal with a broken air conditioner, especially in the scorching summer heat! Regular appointments will also ensure you maintain your warranties, as some warranties require regular maintenance in order to remain valid.

File Important Papers ASAP

It's easy to let letters, bills, or other vital documents sit around your house until you are ready to deal with them. However, keeping an organized file box can be an enormous help, not just to save time, but also to save your sanity! If you commit to filing important documents right away, you'll spend less time frantically searching for them later. It will also be a big help in ensuring that you don't miss important deadlines since you will have everything you need in its place and organized.

Make a List Before Going Shopping
Image via Flickr by Chris Kennedy
Making the extra effort to create an organized list of everything you need to purchase before you leave your house can go a long way in saving you time. You won't have to run back to the store to get a necessary item if you've made a checklist beforehand!
Following these five tips can save you plenty of time and energy. After all, wouldn't you rather be doing something fun like spending time with your family instead of doing seemingly endless chores?

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