How to Use a Wet Tile Saw To Cut Glass Bottles

Have you ever struggled while cutting a glass bottle? Yes, most of us when trying to cut a glass bottle turn it into a shattered useless piece of glass. Well, you may have tried a variety of options like using candle flames, torches or even knives.

What if I tell you that there is an efficient and inexpensive way using which you can cut glass without any loss or damage? You can use a Wet Tile Saw to cut glass, glass bottles and make the best things out of them you can. Let us know what is a wet tile saw before we move on to the procedure.

What is a Wet Tile Saw?

A Wet Tile Saw is a power tool that you can easily find at any home improvement store. It is used to cut tiles for flooring, bathroom, kitchen, and other mosaic projects. The tool which you will need here to cut a glass bottle here is a 7" QEP Wet Tile Saw (120 Volts, 60 Cycle, 3600 RPM, 4 Amps).

As the name suggests, you have to use this tool with water if you don't want to break the glass. It runs on electricity, so you need to be extra careful with your fingers while using it.
One of the most important elements of this tool is the blade.

The kind of blades used here is nothing like the old conventional saw blades with pointing teeth. You would be using a diamond blade instead. Even though the diamond blades don't have sharp triangular teeth, you should be careful while using this power tool.

Safety Tip: Always wear your safety gloves and eyeglasses before starting the operation. Make sure you have properly padded your ear with earplugs. Whenever you are performing this act stay mentally and physically alert.

How to Choose the Bottle?

  • If you want to do the work with perfection, then you should choose the right kind of bottle. There are a variety of containers that you will get in your backyard or a recycling center, but you have to go with the simpler ones.

  • If you try cutting the bottles with unnatural and irregular shapes, you may fail. The Wet Tile Saw will cut it into an undesirable manner which is of no practical use.
  • So, always try to choose a simple cylindrical bottle with a regular structure. When you try to put a straight cut on the bottles with curvy necks, they may break due to uneven pressure. You have to try hard to hold them straight. If you are a beginner, you must use a tall cylinder neck bottle.

Initial Cut is Most Critical

  • Before starting to cut the glass bottles be assured of your environment. You should initiate the operation only after you find a stable base for the Wet Tile Saw.
  • You should also take care of the fact that water is available in sufficient amount. Your slightest ignorance can lead to massive accidents. Make a habit of switching off the device every time you have to do something else.
  • You should hold the glass bottle firmly with both hands. Your hands should be stable, not stiff while holding the bottle. Now, slowly roll the bottle towards the blade. Don't rush, just be careful.
  • When you are halfway through the bottle roll it back towards yourself to complete the cut. Then take out the separate part, take care of the glass splinters. Even if your cut was not perfect, you could file off the imperfection quickly.

What about the Punts and Straight Cuts?

  • Glass bottles have a slight bump on the bottom. So you the bottle exactly until you can separate a ring. Well, these punts can be useful sometimes.
  • If you want to cut even sized rings always set and keep a record of the width of the cut. For cutting out bulk glass rings you can place a rip guide with a permanent marker.
  • You can use either cm or inch scale to set up the knob on each side of the rip guide. Both the knobs should be tightened equally to make straight even cuts.
  • Keep cutting rings till you reach the neck of the bottle.
  • After you have finished cutting the rings you can use a kiln to melt the rings and remove the imperfections.

The Wet Tile Saw is a very handy tool. Even if you are a novice you can use this tool to cut the glass bottles. All you need is to be careful with the tool. Keep in mind that this tool can even cause harm so always wear safety equipment.

You may encounter with tiny sharp glass pieces which can fall and damage your eyes so don't forget your eye safety glasses.

Gradually you will realize that the tool is pretty beneficial and economical. Don't worry about the blemishes in the glass rings, they will be removed when you use the kiln. Keep practicing to cut perfectly sized glass rings.

Author Bio: This article was posted by Emily from ProToolGuide, she loves to watch the sunset and write about Home Improvement and share her DIY projects in day to day life.

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