Make Your Child's First Day At School Magical


The first day of school can be a stressful time for both children and parents. The separation anxiety for both can be a source of emotional turmoil that’s impossible to prepare them (or yourself) for effectively. It is, however also a time of great joy. It marks the first step in your child’s journey to independence and forming their own identity. While you may be astonished that the years between their birth and their first day of school have flown by so quickly, it’s important to try and harness your emotions as much as possible and embrace this day. It is, after all, a cause for celebration and your child should recognize this and treat it as an adventure. Remember that negative experiences on the first day of school can be hard to shake off and damage their sense of self in lasting ways. While it’s important to make sure they have everything they need, it’s also important to make them feel loved and supportive on this turbulent day.

Here are a few ways you can make the day easier and more fun for both of you…

Turn their breakfast into art

On their first day of school, your kids are likely to be encouraged to show their creativity, probably through some sort of art project. Why not start them on the right path by turning their breakfast into a piece of art? Making a smiley face out of their toast or mickey mouse out of their pancakes will not only inject a sense of fun and occasion into the day but also engage them creatively. And hey, you can even extend this to their lunch by packing something fun (and, of course, nutritious).

Let them take a little bit of home with them

A memento that reminds you of you or the safety and comfort of home can be a great way to stave off separation anxiety and remind them that their thoughts are with you. A homemade bracelet or other accessory is less obtrusive than letting them bring their favorite teddy and if you’re wearing a matching accessory then it’s a great way of symbolizing your bond.


Show up in style

While you should make sure that your child is well scrubbed and dressed in something cheerful yet smart, you should also think about your own appearance and that of your car. While buying a Cepek wheel for the car will render your car head-turningly stylish (and extra safe) at the very least you should give the car a wash and wax before dropping your child off at school. Make sure your own hair and makeup are on point and you’ll be able to project a sense of pride in yourself and your household which your child (and other Moms) will pick up on.

Give them something fun to come home to

When they return they’ll likely be buzzing with excitement, so it’s important to take that buoyancy and run with it, ending the day on a high so that they’re itching to see what tomorrow brings. Their favorite meal for dinner, some balloons waiting for them or (if you really want to spoil them) a little gift will help them to not only end the day on a high note but also instill in them a sense of reward for hard work and commitment at school.

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