What Happens After My Child’s Braces Come Off?

 Is Orthodontic Treatment Over After Braces?

An Austin orthodontist explains what to expect after your child’s braces come off.

Austin, TX - The day your child’s braces come off is a day of celebration. But, what can you expect after the braces are removed?

“I like to prepare my patients as much as possible for what life will be like during and after treatment,” says Dr. Chris Stansbury of Wired Orthodontics in Austin, TX. “Their mouths will take some time to adjust to life without braces, just like they had to adjust to life with braces. And, it is crucial that they understand how and when to wear their retainers to ensure that beautiful new smile stays.”

Here are Wired Orthodontics top tips for preparing your child for life after braces.

  1. Your child’s retainer will be his or her new best friend. Treatment doesn’t end the day those braces come off. The teeth will want to move right back to where they were before, so it is very important for your child to wear the retainer exactly as your orthodontist recommends. In the beginning, it will be worn around the clock, only removing it to eat, drink, brush and floss. Over time, and only when your orthodontist tells gives the ok, your child will be able to switch to only wearing it at night.
  2. Eating will be interesting. If your child had standard braces, he or she had to make some adjustments in diet to accommodate the brackets and wires. Once the braces come off, however, your child can bite into an apple or corn on the cob again. But, it might take some getting used to!
  3. The teeth may be tender. Because the teeth had to actually be loosened from their previous positions to move to the new ones, they may feel a bit tender for a bit in the beginning. Wearing a retainer will ensure your child’s teeth don’t get pulled back to where they were, but it may take them a bit to get used to how the teeth feel.
  4. Caring for teeth will be much easier. Your child won’t have those pesky brackets and wires to brush and floss around, so caring for their teeth will be a breeze again.
  5. Discoloration may happen. Because there were brackets and wires to get around, your child’s oral hygiene might not have been as great as it was prior to braces. A few weeks after the braces come off, schedule an appointment for your child with your general dentist for a routine check-up and cleaning so your child can show off their new straight smile with confidence.

Your orthodontist will explain more about what to expect after braces come off, and will schedule at least one follow-up appointment to ensure the retainer fits properly and the smile is staying in place. But, if you ever have questions, your orthodontic office is always here to serve you.

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