4 Gorgeous Journals from Takatack.com to Plan Your Days

            We all need planners, journals, or simple notebooks to make sure that we’re right on track, our schedules are well arranged, and to simply be as organized as possible. And while doing so, a lot of us also want planners or journals that look unique and represent who we are as people. If you’re still in search of the perfect one for you, one of these may be the one.

 1) Design-Your-Cover Journal

            What else would reflect who you are than a journal with a cover you design yourself? This personalized journal from Jacinto & Lirio is perfect for those who like arts and crafts, illustrating, or anyone who just wants to doodle. It also comes with 2 medium refills so you won’t have to worry about losing space anytime soon! It has a picture frame cover where you can put your design, which means you may also change the design whenever you like! Plus, it’s plant-based leather so no animal cruelty involved here. (J&L Pinto Medium & 2 Medium Refill Bundle retails for Php950.00)

2) Mini Journal/Passport holder

            It’s a journal and passport holder in one; any more questions? It’s the perfect journal to bring for trips to make sure you have your passport and the copy of your itinerary in one hand. We all know the struggles of traveling no matter how fun it may be, so this journal may be of big help when it comes to that! It’s handy and useful, what more can you ask for?

3) Wood design Notebook

            An artisan journal for those who are all about artisanal and aesthetically pleasing everything. This notebook from Jacinto & Lirio is the perfect journal for anyone who likes to keep things simple, but extraordinary. Its wood—like finish gives it a clean look and your notes are secured with the belt around it.

4) Planner and Wallet in One

            Another convenient item that you can bring wherever you like. This planner doubles as a wallet and we could not be more thrilled about it. It’s good for budgeting, too, if you’re that kind of person.

            All of there items are available at Takatack.com, just go to the website https://www.takatack.com/, register and shop all you want without having to leave your home and wait in long lines.

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