The type of mattress that is most suitable for you will largely depend on personal preference.  There are six main types of mattress, each offering something different.  So, whether you require a firm mattress because you suffer from back pain, or a pillow-top mattress for cloud-like support, keep reading.  In this article, we’re going to look at the six different types of mattress and explain which type of sleeper they are best for.

1. Adjustable

Adjustable mattresses are the most customizable as they enable the sleeper to change their mattress depending on their needs.  For example, some have heat and vibrate functions built in, while others incline to make sleep more comfortable.  They’re especially popular with people who suffer from health complaints, such as a bad back, as well as older people and those who snore.  It’s important to note that this type of mattress needs an adjustable bed to accompany it.

2. Pillow-Top

Pillow-top mattresses offer an extra layer of comfort to sleepers as they basically have a pillow soft fabric either sewn or stuffed into the cover.  They offer the softest sleeping experience, which many people liken to sleeping on a cloud.

3. Coils

Coil mattresses are among the cheapest available, and it is for this reason that they are one of the most widely used types.  Coil mattresses usually contain one or more layers of spring coils, which are designed to provide the support your body needs.  They’re best for people who want a more traditional mattress, as well as one that provides quite a bit of bounce.

4. Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are well known for their comfort properties, as they contour to your body shape, providing the perfect night’s sleep.  In the past, they had a bad reputation for making people feel hot while they slept, however new technologies have alleviated this.  They’re ideal for sleepers who like hug-shaping support and comfort.  Because there are a lot of different foams used to make these mattresses, it’s best to check out a website like Sleep Junkie’s review site before buying the first one you come across.

5. Latex

Known for their high level of comfort, and their cooling properties, these mattresses are made exclusively from latex foam.  They are ideal for sleepers who like the idea of memory foam mattresses, but don’t really want a mattress that contours to their shape.  They also have great responsiveness, comfort, and cooling properties.

6. Hybrids

Hybrid mattresses are constructed from a variety of materials, such as coils, polyurethane foams, memory foam and latex.  They are generally designed to offer a variety of important benefits while minimizing certain cons.  They’re ideal for sleepers who are torn between two of the mattress types discussed above, as well as those who require comfort, support, and great bounce.  They’re a good all-around option that is suitable for most sleepers.

When shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to work out what type of sleeper you are before purchasing. This will help a lot in deciding the kind of mattress perfect for you