Looking For Japanese-Korean Foods in Pampanga? Saiko-No Ramen House Review

Every Sunday my family goes somewhere out to take a break from the very hectic week. And as what we get used, our day out is a chance to try anything new. Far from our usual hangout, we decided  for a movie date in SM Clark, Pampanga. After we watched movies, we did some shopping. It was fun and exciting because there are discounted items we took advantage so everyone had a great time! And ofcourse before we head home, we wanted to fill our tummies with delicious foods. And this time, we ended up in Saiko-No Ramen House for an early dinner which is located in Angeles City, Pampanga.

 Saiko-No Ramen House's location is roughly 10 minutes drive from SM Clark. Saiko-No Ramen House serves Japanese-Korean cuisine packed with flavors at a very affordable price. Restaurant which opens in September 2017. The restaurant is owned by Perlita Sun, Aurea Umayam, and Krizna Doromal. 

There is no wide parking area although street parking is a good option for diners since the street is typically wide enough to allow car parking.

My husband prefers Restaurants with outdoor seating in a fine weather, it kind of makes him feel like more chillax while looking at the passersby. But this time, we prefer to dine inside the restaurant because we have the kids with us.

Lets take a moment to appreciate the restaurant's exterior design. Lovely paint job done, very inviting and comfortable balcony. The wall hanging ornament adds up to the Korean ambiance.

Indoor design is very relaxing and reflects the Japanese-Korea concept. The restaurant presents an ambiance that brings together minimalist Japanese style and a modern Korean warm setting to create a theme that brings uplifting feel. I love all the elements, cream, brown, and the paintings hanging on the wall. There is something in the interior, maybe the designs and colors that amazingly further give the notion of lifting ones mindset on different levels.

They have good intensity of light which creates an intimate atmosphere. 

They have a unique selection of Japanese-Korean dishes in menu. They have appetizers, platters, soups, etc. They serve chicken meat, sushi rolls, sashimi, bibimbap,and seafood dishes in the menu. And as always, the best thing for me are the ramen!

Samgyeopsal is one of the most popular Korean dishes and is becoming very popular here in the Philippines. It enthuse me that they also offer Samgyeopsal, the idea of cooking your meats on your table is just so fun.

Since we love anything UNLI, hahaha they got us! Yes, more from the menu they also offer UNLIMITED orders in Ramen, Samgyeopsal, and Tempura!
UNLI Tempura for ₱269
UNLI Ramen for ₱299
UNLI Samgyeopsal All in for ₱299

The temperature inside the restaurant is good enough to make us feel comfy. While waiting for our foods to be served, we are served with drinks. They have a LED TV turned on to entertain their customers, it happened they have Cartoon Channel which kept my son entertained.

The restaurant has FREE WIFI, which is a big convenience to diners.

unli tempura

We have ordered three big bowls of ramen and tried the UNLI Tempura and UNLI Samgyeopsal. When all the orders arrived, haha the table is about to crack from so much food.

The UNLI Tempura is served on a big size platter, with a mixed of large onion rings. We can hardly get a second round because of the large platter size.

My second time trying Samgyeopsal but this time is definitely most satisfying than the first time I had in Manila. The food is served fresh and clean.

The foods of the restaurant are all of the highest quality. One serving of ramen is already very satisfying.

My 6 year old son had Fish Katsu (P295), it is served with rice and a side dish. Amazingly, my picky eater son enjoyed his meal. The serving is actually more than enough for my son, he finished his rice but there are few slices of Fish Katsu left.

This is the Mixed Seafoods Ramen (₱299), from the name itself you already recognized what delicious stuff are in it. It has a perfect amount of salty and spicy flavor. I like that this serving is balanced perfectly: the soup itself, the noodles, the sea foods, everything works perfectly together. Few drops of sesame oil over top makes it more special.

 This Chicken Don (₱295) tastes so great, and can make you full without a doubt. A bowl of rice with seaweed toppings, and sliced chicken meats at the top.

 Gekikara Ramen (₱255) is a bowl of spicy ramen topped with ground pork, veggie, garnished with seaweed and crab meat on toppings. This ramen is perfect to have on a rainy weather or a cold day. It's so delicious, spicy, and fulfilling!

The food assistants serve the foods with smile, they are very happy, approachable and accommodating. One thing I love, they will make you feel at home.

Overall, we had a very satisfying dinner! I hardly finished all our foods because our tummies had more than enough! Prices are very reasonable that even students can afford.

Location and Contact number:
4171-3 Richtofen St., Hensonville Subdivision Angeles City 2009
Highlights info row image
0906 678 4684

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