4 Massive Risks of Not Looking After Trees Properly

You’re probably so used to them being there you don’t even notice them anymore. But are they serving you or putting you in danger?

Your trees. Trees are too powerful to simply ignore. But doing it right is as important as doing it at all. Don’t attempt it alone.

What you’re supposed to do is make trees part of your general property maintenance. A company for felling or Tree Removal San Diego based, should be on your speed dial list. It will keep you and your trees safe.

Here’s what you risk if you don’t get this right.

Property Damage
When neglecting to do tree trimming San Diego citizens put buildings and other structures at risk. Old or damaged branches can fall on your home while roots can grow into sewerage lines, damaging the pipes.

Keep a close eye on your trees so you know when to remove hazardous branches or the entire tree.

DIY: Physical Risks to You
Occasionally you have to trust the professionals. If there’s any possibility of getting hurt you shouldn’t attempt the project yourself. Some people may not understand the risk they open themselves up to.

Trees growing near power lines need to be trimmed so no branch is within 10’ of the poles or wires. But live wires puts you at risk if you work on the tree yourself. If you need tree trimming San Diego officials should rather assist.

Even jobs you deem easy can turn out disastrous without the correct tools, knowledge and experience:
-          You may not realize how much power you need to pull a stump from the earth. If your equipment breaks it could hurt someone standing close by.
-          Climbing into a tree to prune means you can fall if you lose your balance for only a moment.
-          What if you think a branch is strong enough to hold your weight, but it’s rotten inside? A professional knows how to test its strength first.
Can you see why it’s wise to leave this job to those in the know?

Killing a Tree
Tree maintenance actually requires in depth understanding of the tree and its species’ characteristics. You must also understand maintenance techniques or you can cause serious damage to your tree:
-          Pruning should rarely involve tree topping. This can injure your tree and weaken it so much it can’t fight against pests anymore.
-          Using the wrong insecticides can kill your tree, especially if you left wounds after pruning.
-          When your tree develops crossing branches because of incorrect pruning, they will rub against each other. This will cause wounds. Pests can enter the tree through these holes.
Do you want to risk getting this wrong?

Health Risks
Are you sure you’re not putting your health at risk by getting on the ladder to cut down a branch? Here’s what you need to consider:
-          Do you have the equipment to protect your lungs against excessive dust?
-          How will pollen and dust influence your allergies?
-          Are you sure what health risks the fungi in your tree pose? Spores can affect your eyes, skin and even some of your organs. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your tree it’s best to ask expert advice.
-          Some people are allergic to pesticides used on trees.

Can you guarantee you’ll finish the job as healthy as you started? Do you feel better spending a bit extra on getting tree maintenance done correctly? Yes, you’ll save your trees and they’ll look better than ever. This can even improve your property’s value. It’s worth the extra time, money and effort. You never know when the next storm comes, so make sure your maintenance is up to date.

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