8 Carpet Cleaning Myths You Must Stop Believing

In the San Diego Carpet Cleaning business, we hear all sorts of untruths about carpet cleaning.
So we decided to list some of the most common myths about carpet cleaning, and debunk them right here and now.

Your Carpet Will Never Look the Same After its First Professional Clean
“Hold out for as long as you can. After that first clean, your carpet will never look the same again.” False!
A lot of people tend to think that their carpets experience accelerated wear & tear from regular cleaning. And they put off that first clean for as long as they can.
This is unnecessary. Regular professional carpet cleaning is actually the best way to preserve your carpet’s original appearance.

Visible Stains are the Only Reason to Have Your Carpet Cleaned
Stains are visible, but it’s what’s not visible that really freaks me out about my carpet.
But underneath your visible carpet fibres, all kinds of things may be lurking. Mites and bugs breed in carpets. Dust settles right at the bottom. Dirt forms quickly and consistently—all the time.
That’s why we encourage scheduled carpet cleaning for all our clients. Because it guarantees the removal of underlying dust, mites and hair.
So whether you can see it or not, your carpet needs to be cleaned—regularly.

Regular Carpet Cleaning Causes Carpets to Fade
Your carpet will fade over time—but not because you clean it regularly.
Carpets fade because of dirt. Keeping your carpet clean will prevent fading and keep it looking new for much longer. Rowenta Hand Steamer is one of the best carpet steam cleaners that I found on steamcleaning.reviews.
In short: the more you clean your carpet, the less it will fade. Not many people know that. 

Special Soaps and Detergents are the Secrets to a Professional Clean
“Why pay more for a professional carpet cleaner when you can go out and purchase the same cleaning products they use, and do it yourself?”
This question ignores one important fact: The secret to a clean carpet does not lie in the soap you use. It lies in the powerful suction of professional carpet cleaning machinery.

All Professional Carpet Cleaners Use Similar Methods
We’ve always provided the type of carpet cleaning San Diego residents appreciate. But there are other carpet cleaners who give the industry a bad name.
 A company that flaunts how cheap they are may be providing an inferior service. Many carpet cleaning companies in San Diego do not meet the high standards set by industry leaders. 

Vacuuming is Bad for Your Carpet
It’s true that vacuuming has some effect on your carpet’s lifespan. But this is so negligible, it hardly makes a difference.
Doubling the amount of times you vacuum your carpet—or using a professional carpet cleaner who uses high powered suction techniques—will do more to preserve your carpet than wear it out.
Remember: Dirt ruins carpets—not cleaning them. 

Using Moisture to Clean Carpets Will Attract More Dirt in Future
Most of us understand that if you wet something, dust will settle there.
But when carpet cleaning is done professionally, this will not be the case.
A professional clean for your carpet will remove dirt, and proper drying methods will ensure that dirt stays away for as long as possible.

Using Moisture to Clean Carpets Will Cause Mold
We’ve often heard clients say that steam and water cause mold in carpets.
Again, this is a misconception caused by unprofessional cleaners in the industry.
If a carpet is dried properly, mold is an impossibility. So make sure you use a carpet cleaner San Diego knows and trusts.

Our team put this list together just for you! And we hope we’ve managed to clarify a few misconceptions about the industry.

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