There are three business aspects I never attempt to do myself:

Writing. Graphic Design. And Printing.

These three skills are beyond my comprehension; which is why I always outsource these services when I need them. 

Over the years I’ve learned the importance of investing in excellent service providers. This results in reliable service every time my clients depend on me for something.

So I’ve invested in great writers, great graphic & web designers, and an awesome San Diego printing company.

Printing is an essential part of my business. And everybody knows: the printing industry is heavily saturated. You and I have literally hundreds of companies in San Diego to choose form.

Here’s why I chose the printing company I use today.

24-Hour Turnaround

Many of my clients are in the marketing industry. And if you’ve ever worked in marketing, you know that it’s a heavily deadline-driven industry.

When my clients ask me for something urgent, I know my printers will jump to fulfil it within 24 hours or less.

High Level of Quality Control

Okay I admit it. I’m a control freak. If I could check and doublecheck everything my suppliers do, I would.

But that’s not good business sense, is it? No. I had to learn to rely on my suppliers. But for that, I needed suppliers who understood my standards.

The printing company I use in San Diego has a team of managers who perform quality control on all their orders. They maintain a level of quality I can depend on.

It’s almost like having a clone of myself in their factory, checking everything and making sure it’s 101% PERFECT!

I’m Not a Number—I’m a Person

When I place an order at my preferred San Diego printing company, I’m treated like an individual rather than just another customer.

The staff know my name and remember my preferences without needing to be reminded.

Every time I place an order, it’s treated with the highest priority. The sales staff, printers and managers all understand the urgency of my order. That’s because they recognize me as a person with fears, emotions and goals.

I Enjoy Open Communication, Always

There’s a lot more to printing than I ever thought—which is why I don’t handle this part of my business inhouse.

Think about it: artwork, file compatibility, color variations, tone, logo design… it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

But with my printers these problems have never gone unsolved for long. Their capable managers—who I know by name—contact me within hours of receiving my order to iron out any issues that might exist.

I love that!

Their Advice is Free

I’ve always said, “If a company doesn’t have a blog, I won’t do business with them.”


Because why should I trust someone who isn’t actively expressing their expertise and advice online?

My printers do that a lot. They have a weekly blog full of advice, industry news and new developments in the world of printing.

I’ve learned a lot about printing from reading their blog, following their Facebook posts and browsing through their FAQ section.

I Can Place My Order Online

Although I don’t mind phoning my favorite printers in San Diego, I don’t always have the time.

That’s why I appreciate their online order form. It allows me to place an order instantly, without having to go through a lengthy, time consuming process.

These are the important aspects that have helped me decide on one printer for all my business needs.

Decide what’s important to you. If you’re a San Diego business owner or manager, and you want to outsource your printing to real experts, then choose wisely.