As a capable, smart, get-it-done kind of mom, you pride yourself in taking the bull of life by the horns and tackling anything and everything that comes your way. From balancing work, home, kids, pets, your spouse and more, you get more out of your 24 hours than many people do all week.

You also love to apply this same take-charge attitude to the many projects that you have to do around your house. If the kids’ rooms need painting, you’re on it. Do you need new winter grass for the front lawn? You've got it handled. You’ve replaced vanities in the bathroom and installed new ceiling fans and are still ready to meet your BFF for lunch by noon.

As much as you love the DIY way of life, there are definitely some projects that fall into the Don’t DIY category. This is by no means a slam on your intelligence or can-do attitude; it’s merely accepting that in some cases, professionals can and should be brought in to do certain projects. With that in mind, check out the following five home improvement jobs that only a professional should tackle:

Water Heater Installation

If you notice that your relaxing hot shower now lasts about two minutes before turning cold, and if it’s been more than 10-12 years since you bought your water heater, it is probably time to spring for a new one. While you might be tempted to learn how to replace a water heater on your own, hiring a knowledgeable plumber is likely the safest way to go. He or she will ensure the gas or electrical and water lines are properly hooked up and that all of the safety features are in place. Water heater installation done incorrectly can also be dangerous, involving 240 volts of electricity that can give you an unwelcome jolt.

Tree Removal

If you have an overgrown tree that is leaning precariously over your roof, you might be tempted to buy cheap chainsaws and take it down. DIY tree removal is an accident waiting to happen. Climbing up 10 or more feet with a powerful tool is inherently risky, not to mention other dangers such as dealing with power lines, knowing how to cut a tree so it falls the right way, avoiding damage to cars below and other factors. Call in a tree surgeon and rest assured that the job is being done correctly—and safely.


If you have successfully handled smaller flooring jobs like re-tiling a powder room, you might feel ready to tackle tearing up all of the carpet in numerous rooms and putting in laminate flooring or tile. As much as you want to try it, please leave major flooring jobs to the professionals. In some cases, the subfloor underneath the carpet may be rotten, which adds an extra layer of time and expertise to the job, and laying new flooring is an exact science that requires lots of knowledge and skill.

Electrical Work

There is a good reason that being an electrician is a highly skilled trade—it is hard work. Electrical wiring that is not up to code can cause fires and trying to add new outlets in rooms can lead to electric shock if not done correctly. Call an electrician to be sure the jobs are done correctly the first time and sleep better at night knowing your home and family are not at risk.

Anything Having to do with Building Codes

On a lot of home improvement shows, the hosts are often seen removing entire walls to create the popular “open concept” look. Before you take a sledgehammer to the wall between your kitchen and dining room, call a licensed contractor who can determine if this remodeling project is up to code. If you take out a load bearing wall, the ceiling and room could collapse. Let the contractor determine if it’s safe to remove and then hire his or her company to handle the job.

Some projects are worth getting your hands dirty for; others are too dangerous to try on your own. Call a pro when things get complicated.