Your Complete Pre-Order Printing Checklist

Have you ever dealt with the frustration of placing a printing order?

There’s so much involved, and so many elements that could go wrong. With custom printing there are often challenges with surfaces, inks and design templates.

If you’re getting custom printing done in the San Diego area, then this checklist will assist you in getting your order right!

Your Artwork

Artwork is always a tricky thing. What you see on your screen may look different on mine. And when it’s printed, it’s guaranteed to come out different than expected.

But if you’re using a printing company with experience, the following two factors won’t be a problem for you.

Quality – Always Get a Sample

An expert knows better than to start a job without an approved sample from their client.

If you’ve already provided a sample to your printer, they can match up their printer settings to replicate exactly what you want.

If you don’t have a sample, your printer should invite you to check the first print before continuing with the entire job.

Format – Trust Your Printers

Artwork Format is just as important as artwork quality. The higher your artwork resolution, the better your print.

If you’ve embedded logos into your artwork, remember to provide those as separate files, so that your printer can fine tune your artwork if need be.

Discounts on Quantity

“The highest quality custom printing San Diego businesses have trusted for years.” Not a lot of companies can make this claim.

But those that can, are the ones with tons of customers. Quality is hard to find, and when people find it, they stay!

These companies can afford to charge less for their printing. Because they run so many bulk projects per day, they’re forced to implement a quick system—and that means higher output.

Go for a custom printing company that offers discounted rates on large orders. If your company does a lot of printing each year, you could save thousands by switching to a larger, busier printing firm.

Printing Finishes

With custom printing comes custom finishes. There are so many different finishes, but you can generally break them down into these categories:
-          Gloss
-          Matt
-          Foil
-          Special

So how do you decide?

What’s it for?

Ask yourself what the purpose of your printing piece is. Are you trying to grab people’s attention, or simple inform them? Is the purpose for entertainment, or education?

Where’s it Going?

Some finishes are weather resistant. if your printing piece is being exposed to the elements, you may want to speak to your trusted printer about getting a weather resistant finish.

If you’re printing on something other than paper (stationery, discs, corporate gifts), a finish can make or break your print.

Who Will See it?

Your target audience has a strong impact on what finish you choose.

Your Deadline

Always be very clear on your deadline. There’s nothing worse than a rushed order—well, besides a late one.

Factor in Time for Delivery

Remember that delivery may take longer than expected. If you can’t fetch your order yourself, make sure you factor delivery time into your deadline.

Communication is key.

Make Possibility for a Repeat Order

Most good printers in San Diego will save all the ink settings and templates for your project. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Tell your printers that there may be a repeat order. Let them know so they can save everything they have to make that a possibility.

You’ll want the same exact look as your first order. Consistency is key, right? To re-setup everything again is a nightmare unless your printers saved their settings and templates from the last order.

You’re all set!

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