January can be something of a distressing month, especially with all the fun of Christmas being over. What most of us are left with, once the fun is over, is the feeling that we have eaten too much and vastly overspent. That is why so many folks attempt to tighten their purse strings and live frugally at this time of year. To find out how you can do this read on.


Couponing is a wonderful way that you can genuinely save a serious amount of money. To do so, all you need to do is embrace it as a way of living, something that is described in detail at livingwellspendingless.com.  That means collecting the magazine and newspaper pullouts, as well as visiting the online sites of manufactures and grocery stores to get even more coupons.

You can even take the time to write to specific brands and tell them how much you like their product. Something they will usually reply to, and include a few coupons for your trouble as well.

Collecting coupons can save you a fortune.

Remember too that couponing isn't just about your grocery shopping and you can save money in other areas as well. For example, Michaels craft stores often offer some superb coupons that can make your hobby much less expensive.

There are also online coupon providers like the ones listed at babble.com that offer vacations, activities, and experience at a greatly reduced rate. Something that means there really is no excuse for not looking for a coupon every time you buy an item.

Use loans and credit in the right way

A helpful but often overlooked way of saving some money is linked to loans, something that nearly everyone uses at one time or another. It works like this if you have a high credit score you have a healthy credit history and so are likely to be awarded loans at a reasonable interest rate.

However, if you currently have a low credit score then getting a loan at all is going to be tough, and the interests rate you will get charge will be significantly higher. Something that means you are paying more for the same amount of money borrowed, which I'm sure you'll agree isn't very economical at all.

To fix your credit score may take a little work, something that sites like repair.credit can advise on. Although, it's definitely worth it because it really can save you a fortune in the long run.

Shop online

Savvy shoppers tend to buy items online for the best savings. This is especially true for groceries and other essentials. The reason for this is that the whole experience of shopping via a website is very different to going to a real-life store.

Remember that the stores are designed to catch your attention, and direct your focus to the most profitable items they sell, whether you actually need these or not. That is why so many people fall foul of the 'buy one get one free offer'.

After all, it's only a great offer if you needed that product in the first place. If you didn't, you have just wasted money that could have gone towards paying for other things. Instead, shop online where it’s a lot easier to resist the temptation of impulse buying and save yourself a packet.