Comfort is one of the most important things you can provide to your guests, and for some, it’s fairly easy to do. Of course, every person feels most comfortable in a clean house. But if you’re renting an apartment – especially an apartment that’s limited in space – keeping things spotless can become a challenge for a number of reasons.

On one hand, you can always hire a cleaning service like Helpling UK to help you keep things in order. However, if you’re renting a small apartment, chances are, and you can’t really afford to have a cleaning crew come to you every week. With that out of the picture, the question remains – what can you do to keep your rental apartment as clean as possible?

You’re in luck, because here we have a couple of things that will help you keep your apartment completely organized…

Use a Big Hamper with a Lid
This is actually a very simple, but a neat trick at the same time. If you’re too busy during the week to do the laundry, you risk of having your bedroom and bathroom filled with dirty clothes. If you want to avoid this, you just need to buy a large hamper with a lid on it. This way, you’ll be able to have more than a week’s worth of dirty clothes stacked until you get the time to launder them.

Stop Filling Your Sink with Dirty Dishes
For some people, washing dishes regularly may be a difficult habit to form, however, as soon as form it, you’ll never look at your little kitchen the same way. You just need to set a few ground rules for yourself. For instance, as soon as you’re finished with cooking a meal, take the dishes you were using and soak them up. When you’re finished with your meal, just scrub the soaked kitchen wear along with the dishes you’ve used to dine with.

Make Your Bed First Thing in the Morning
If you’re one of those people who their parents thought them to make their own bed first thing in the morning growing up, you’re in luck. But since most people don’t have this habit, it’s definitely the time to start making your bed before you start making your coffee. A tidy bed will keep your room visually organized and will minimize the area on which dust collects.

File all of Your Paperwork
If you’re a college student or a person who likes to take their work home, then you probably have a ton of papers lying around everywhere. All that paper probably makes your apartment look cluttered and makes you feel like an unorganized person. But you should try solving that by using as little paper as possible. For example, start paying bills online, instead of filling your home with a ton of additional paper. Plus, invest in a filing cabinet, and keep things organized.

Final Thoughts
If you just follow these simple organization tips, you’ll manage to keep your rental apartment for as long as you stay in it. What’s more, you’ll be able to develop good habits that will remain with you for years, and once you manage to buy your first home, you’ll be able to keep it looking tidy at all times and never worry about any unexpected guests dropping by and seeing a mess ever again.