Image Credit: Pixabay
The shed might have been the retreat of fathers and husbands in years gone by, but now with the rise of the ‘she shed’, gender no longer plays a role in shed ownership. Moms up and down the country are now popping down to the bottom of the garden for a relaxing brew and a flick through a magazine while he sorts out the kids for once.

Known as the second shift, women tend to work hard all day and then come home to the kids and chores in the house as well. While a shed might not be the ultimate answer to the larger problem, it could well be an opportunity for you to carve out a little time for yourself - it’s worked for men all these years so why not you too?

Create a Space Just For You
Sheds are not just for compost, trowels and spiders. In fact, writers have been bucking this trend for decades, showing that the humble shed can just as happily contain a desk and a lamp. What you put in your shed - and indeed whether it is a small wooden wendy house style or an Armstrong building - is completely up to you.

Use fairy lights to create a cosy evening atmosphere and don’t be afraid to get your interior design head on. A rug will warm things up, as will scatter cushions and throws. Where the rest of the house needs to be functional and is always a compromise as a family, this is your chance to express your personal taste.

Fulfill Your Ambitions
What you use your shed for is entirely up to you, but if you have always wanted to do something and never had the time or space, this is your magical opportunity. Plan the space wisely to give you enough room for whatever you have planned, and incorporate creative solutions such as a fold-down desk or storage boxes suspended from the ceiling.

It doesn’t have to be a work thing, you could create a small Pilates studio to relax in and work on your flexibility, you could use it as a space for a table saw and create some amazing projects, you could even just add a cosy armchair and a stack of books. This is your space so let your imagination run free.

Calm, Peaceful and Distraction-Free
One of the main reasons that sheds are so popular for use as a home office is that their separation from the main house makes them much calmer and you are less likely to become distracted. If you work from home it is easy to think about all the chores you could be doing and then end up putting a wash on while you should be working on a project.

Of course, whatever you are using your shed for, carving out a bit of child-free time is always a benefit. ‘Mom’s in the shed’ isn’t an invitation to go barging in and start messing about in the same way that ‘Mom’s in the living room’ is. And if you like, you can always put a do not disturb sign on the door!