Gift Ideas for Your Teenage Son

Buying gifts for family members is a source of anxiety for many. The ability to pick the perfect present is a special gift that few possess. Often, the family members who are hardest to shop for are fathers and sons. Sons prove to be the most difficult due to the fact that they won’t pretend to be happy with what you get them like your father would. For those who struggle with buying gifts or are unsure what their son is interested in, here are a few items that will be a perfect gift for sons of multiple ages.

1.      State-of-the-Art Music Gadgets
One thing that people of all ages enjoy is music. Teenagers, especially, tend to feel a special connection to the music they listen to. Some of the greatest gifts you could get for your music-loving son are gifts that enhance his music experience.

The UE BOOM 2 Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker is a good product to look at for those looking to improve their son’s music listening experience. It’s a small boombox that runs on Bluetooth. It connects to their phone, allowing them to take it anywhere. It also has a great sound quality, which means that it won’t be just projecting static noise—it will give your son clearer sound.

If the UE Boom doesn’t quite do the trick, or if your son already has a bluetooth speaker, you can also check out the reviews of the latest music listening and studio equipment to see if there is something that you know will enhance his listening experience.

2.      A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak
A popular item for both young and teenage boys is a paracord bracelet. The A2S is great for those kids who love the great outdoors. Besides having 12 feet of paracord coiled up, it’s also equipped with an emergency whistle, an emergency knife, a fire scrapper, a high-quality compass, and a flint fire starter. Plus, the paracord can hold a maximum of 550 pounds of weight.

For those who have two sons, you only need to buy one pack. When you buy the A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak, you get two in the pack. It’s compacted survival gear that will make them feel like they’re ready for anything.

3.      Pandemic Board Game
The subject of the apocalypse is hugely popular at the moment. You can see it featured everywhere from movies to TV shows and from books to video games. It only makes sense that the next thing would be a board game. 

The Pandemic board game is centered around an apocalyptic plot with elements of the archetypal hero’s journey. Players get to team up and choose whether to be operation experts, researchers, dispatchers, scientists, and doctors. The team will then work together to find a cure for the plague and stem the tide of infection.

Besides centering around a major interest among teens today, the game also teaches teamwork, problem-solving, and cooperation. It’s a fast-paced game that has many challenges and builds urgency to come up with a strategy to save the world.

4.      Self-Balancing Scooter Hoverboard
One of the coolest forms of transportation available at the moment and a great gift for teenagers is a self-balancing hoverboard. The hoverboard will carry your son safely at a rate of nine miles an hour and can transport him up to twelve miles away. It charges within one hour and has LED headlights, so your son can see where he’s going even at night. You have a variety of colors available, and the hoverboard can hold up to 220 lbs of weight.

5.      Spikeball 3 Ball Game Set
A product that was featured on the popular show “Shark Tank,” the Spikeball game set was made for outdoor fun. It’s a fast-paced, athletic game that combines tennis, basketball, and volleyball. The set is portable and lightweight, which makes it great to take on the go. Whether your son is meeting at the park with his friends, taking it to recess, or playing in the yard with his siblings, he’ll be having a blast.

The Spikeball set includes a net with collapsible legs, an instruction book, three softballs, and a drawstring bag for storage. The brand also encourages you to get the app, so your son can connect with others in the Spikeball community and have fun at pickup games at any time.

6.      Gaming Devices and Gear
It’s highly probable that if your son has a game console, he loves playing video games. A gaming chair, like the X Rocker Video Gaming Chair, will show that you support his hobby and will be appreciated.

The X Rocker is equipped with two speakers that are forward-facing, an audio side control panel, and a powerful subwoofer. This gaming chair will ensure that your son is comfortable but thoroughly immersed while playing his favorite video game. 

And while you’re at it, if your son is a big-time gamer, you might also want to throw in a pair of protective gaming glasses from Shade Glass. They’ll ensure that your son’s eyes don’t become damaged from staring at the computer or TV screen for hours on end.

7.      Coming-of-Age Beard Trimmer
Remember when your father taught you to shave? It was a coming-of-age rite. Depending on your son’s age, it may be time to initiate him into that stage of his life where he will have to start shaving. Or maybe he already has but it’s time to get him his own adult set.

No matter the extent of your son’s beard growth, he will feel like you are truly recognizing that he is becoming a man when you gift him a beard trimmer. Check out the various beard trimmer reviews at the Beard Care Shop and select one you think will best suit his style and grooming needs. Your son will be excited at being able to enter into this new stage of maturity with a manly grooming device.

8.      Sleep and Recovery Support for the Growing Teen or Athlete
Like many young men, your son is going to be experiencing growing pains. And if he’s an athlete, he’ll also be enduring muscle aches from working out and participating in his sport of choice. No matter if your son is an athlete or simply growing at a shocking rate, he will need items to support his growth and help him stay comfortable during the awkward teenage years.

As your son grows, it’s probably time to get rid of that twin-size mattress that he’s had since childhood. Check out memory foam mattress reviews or other reviews of mattresses to see if there’s one that works for your budget but will also support his sleep and growth.

Growing pains also mean that sometimes, your son could use a back massager just as much as you. He may not need it for the same reasons as you—after you’ve put in a hard day’s work—but he does need something to help relax his muscles as they adjust to rapidly growing bones. Research the top 10 back massagers to see if there is one that both your son and you can benefit from.

9.      Young Man’s Citizens Watch
Another rite-of-passage item like the beard trimmer is the watch. Many men have stories of receiving watches from their fathers. But if you aren’t ready to part with yours just yet, consider checking out the latest line of Citizen Men’s watches. They are trendy enough to let your son keep his cool style while also being distinguished enough to give your son the sense that you are giving him a watch to remember the moment for all the years to come.

10.  Web Host for the Future Entrepreneur
Kids nowadays are growing up as fluent in the internet and technology as if it were a second language. If your teen has shown an aptitude for website design, consider looking into the best web hosting plans reviewed by Mango Matter. For a low monthly fee, you can give your soon the tools he needs to host and develop his own website. Who knows—maybe he will turn out to be an entrepreneur who discovers the next big social media craze, and when he soars to success, he’ll have you to thank.

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