Home Projects You Can Do In A Weekend

Do you feel like you want to change your home this month? Now that another year is over with and the days are getting longer, a lot of us are starting to plan or what we want our home to look like for this year. Whether you plan on simply painting every wall a new colour or ripping out the whole kitchen, starting a home project is always exciting and fun.

If you want to get started on some small projects in the house this weekend, there are plenty of things you can do which will gradually change your landscape without taking up all of your time and resources. Here are some of the home projects you could be doing this weekend…

1. Change your handles and knobs
A really simply way to update your home without spending too much money is to buy some new door and cabinet handles for your kitchen cabinets, bathroom storage and internal doors. You can click here and find lots of different options to buy, which will give your home a new lease of life and a fresh character which it didn’t have previously.

2. Wooden edging
Spruce up the kitchen by adding some wooden edging along the cabinets and worktops. It will make a lifeless space seem much more homely and will add a county element to your kitchen area.

3. The entryway
If you have an entryway which includes a corridor, you may want to think about taking advantage of this space to make an introductory statement in your home. This is the first part of the house which people see as they come in, so by adding a statement piece of furniture such as a vintage chest or a piece of artwork, you can set the tone for the rest of your home to guests.

4. Paint the front door
Don’t you just love looking at cute cottages with bright red front doors? This kind of design isn’t only for the country lovers amongst you, you can make a statement and allow your Home to stand out from the crowd with a new coloured door. You can choose a bold colour like red or pink, or go for a pastel mint or yellow instead.

5. Hide your cables
With modern living, we have consoles, digital tv boxes, TVs and time of other devices plugged in at any one time. This can mean having a hunk of unattractive cable running through your living space. However, if you stand your tv on a cabinet and place all other items inside, you can drill holes in the back and feed the cables through to the power source. This way you won’t see 20 different devices and tonnes of cables in your living room.

6. Statement light fittings
If you have a dining room or dining table, this will likely be the centre of your hosting for family and friends at different times in the year. Because of this, a great way to add some design flare to the room would be to install hanging light bulb fittings for a warm, cosy and homely glow.

7. Replace the taps
When you look at a grimy old bathroom you might immediately think you need to rip everything out and start again, but actually this is not the case at all. To save all of the time and effort, you can make an impact by simply changing the taps on the sink and the bathtub. It won’t cost too much and it will only take a few minutes to do.

8. Cheap patio
Don’t worry about paying a company to fit that wooden decking for you at the back of the house: you can create a perfectly good patio by using paving slabs instead. Paving slabs are super cheap to bit and you will only have to spend an afternoon fitting them on the ground. They are easy to clean too if you have a strong hose or pressure washer.

9. Funky shelves
Everyone has a random wall in the house which seems to fit no purpose, but you can change this by simply installing some shelves to place decorations like candles, photos and plants. Driftwood can give a unique look to the living space and will not cost you too much either. A few cleverly placed shelves can make a huge impact on your living space.

10. A feature wall
If you don’t fancy spending the whole weekend putting up wallpaper in the living room, you can just spend an hour or two papering one wall in the room. It will add life and character to the room and not take up loads of time. Simply paint the other walls white and you’ve got a stunning room for hardly any outlay!

11. Paint your ceilings

One slightly more unconventional way to make an impact on your home is to leave your walls white and instead paint a bold colour on the ceiling. It might sound like a strange thing to do, but if you have a small room it will make it feel much taller than it really is, and will also give you and your guests a fun talking point when they come to visit! You can even wallpaper the ceiling with a pattern if you are feeling brave!

12. Bring in the light
Without even touching the main room there is a way to add light and space to it. If you have chunky curtains or blinds over your windows, swapping them out for vertical blinds which can be opened during the day will make a massive difference to your home. It will flood the room with natural light and create a new, fresh look.

13. Install a wood burner
If you are tired of having a regular fireplace in your living room, one way to change it up and also save yourself money on bills is to replace it with a wood burner. This will heat up the home and make it feel incredibly cosy, as well as the added benefit of you being able to play with fire in the evening. Due to the wood burning and heating up the house you will spend less on the electrics and therefore save money too!

14. Paint your bookshelf
Everyone has a big bookshelf in the house which they have either bought or someone has given it to them as they first moved into the house. Massive bookshelves can feel very imposing on the house if they are a dark wood colour, so to change thing up this weekend you can simply paint the bookshelf a lighter colour. A great idea would be to paint the whole thing white, and then wallpaper the back of the bookshelf with a nice pattern so that when you have space on the shelves you will see this lovely colour peeking through. It will look classy, fresh and new.

15. Fill the walls
Most of us will end up with holes in the walls over the years after putting up artwork and mirrors then taking the down again. A quick way to refresh the house is simply to go around and fill in every hole in your walls.

16. Tidy up
One of the easiest ways to make a change this weekend in the home is to simply move things around and tidy up. Sometimes, just changing where items are in the home can make the whole room look different. For example if you have everything set out in the living room on shelves and units, try swapping some of the plants and ornaments you have in there to give it a fresh feel. It won’t take too long and it will make a difference.

17. Get some plants
If you don’t have the time to decorates everywhere this weekend, you can simply buy some plants to go around different areas of the home. It will add colour and texture to each room and bring a fresh, spring feel to the home. Yo can even build a herb garden on the wall in the kitchen using small wooden troughs and drilling them into the wall.

18. Refresh the garden
Remember that it isn’t just the inside of the home which you can work on this weekend, you can also make a difference in the front and back gardens. For the front garden, mowing the lawn and trimming your hedges will make your home feel much more tidy and inviting for guests, and pacing a hanging basket beside the door will add colour and life. In the back garden, get rid of any weeds, tidy up the plant beds and then scatter a cottage seed mix to bring life to your garden once more. It might take a few months for the plants to come up, but when they do you will have a plethora of colours and textures in the back garden, attracting bees and butterflies and making it feel effortlessly beautiful. It will certainly impress your guests!

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