How To Keep Your Home Pest-Free All Throughout The Year

Families work hard to create comfortable living environments for themselves. Their homes are properly sealed off from the outdoor elements, suitably warm, and filled with beverages and edibles. It's certainly no wonder then that keeping pests out is a year-round concern. Fortunately, there are several, simple steps that you can take to keep your abode pest-free throughout the seasons.

Eliminate Access To Water
Many insects are prone to congregating in areas with access to water. This is especially true of cockroaches. These bugs tend to clutter in kitchens and bathrooms in where they can take advantage of this important resource. This makes it important to always clean up any excess water and to routinely check for leaks. In fact, if you're currently having a problem with insects in these areas, think about scheduling a whole-house plumbing inspection. You may have slow or hidden leaks behind baseboards, drywall, and major appliances that are attracting these pests.

Practice Proper Food Storage
Practicing proper food storage is one of the best forms of pest control that homeowners can engage in. This will instantly make your living environment less appealing to bugs, rodents, and other vermin. Food that's unsealed such as cut fruit and leftovers is incredibly attractive to both ants and roaches. Always get rid of foods that have been left out long enough to start attracting bugs. Also, keep in mind that even your pet's food can lure pests in. Thus, you should make sure to keep this covered as well, whenever your pet isn't actively eating.

Seal Up All Cracks And Gaps
Insects can squeeze through gaps and cracks that are incredibly small. You can find these around doors and windows, and in your floors and baseboards. Reinforcing the seals around major openings will prevent an influx of spiders and other insects throughout all seasons. You can additionally caulk all cracks and gaps in building materials to seal off these entrances as well.

Clear Out Clutter
Make sure that you aren't hoarding any unnecessary items in basement and attic areas. In fact, whenever pests have become an issue, you want to get rid of as much clutter as you possibly can. Stacks of old newspapers, magazines, and other unwanted items can create the perfect spaces for both hiding and breeding. If you ever need a professional pest treatment, getting rid of clutter will make these services significantly more effective.

Don't Forget The Nooks And Crannies
It's the small spaces throughout your home that are frequently overlooked during cleaning that often provide the best hiding spaces for spiders. These insects love dark, dank areas in which they can live unnoticed. Take the time to remove cobwebs on a regular basis. You should also routinely check and wipe down small spaces to eliminate bugs and make these areas less appealing.

Cut Back Your Foliage
If you have flowerbeds, a garden, or any other foliage by your windowsills, keep in mind that these additions can also attract pests. While they may be appealing additions to your property exterior, they can also be regular sources of indoor pest problems. Not only do spiders love them, but their bright colors can be appealing to wasps and ants as well. Diligently maintaining these areas will ensure that bugs aren't setting up camp in them.

Good pest prevention can go a long way towards helping you maintain a comfortable and safe, living environment. From sealing up uneaten food to eliminating unwanted items, there's a lot that you can do to keep pests from congregating in and around your home. With these efforts, you may be able to avoid costly infestations altogether.

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