Inexpensive Housewarming Gifts for Newlyweds

As the newlywed couple starts their new adventures in life together, they first take on the challenge of their first big move together. It can be hard to purchase a gift for a recently married couple, especially when they have received both wedding and housewarming gifts; it can be impossible to know what they have already received when everything is packed away. These gifts are not only sentimental and sweet, they are also gifts that are not given as commonly.

Collectible Figures

Collectible figurines are a great way to get the couple's curio collection off to a great start. First, start by identifying some of their interests, or the items that they already have in their collections. If this is hard to do, Willow Tree figures are a beautiful, sentimental option as well. These figures represent different life events, one of which is sure to match the happy couple.

Filled Photo Albums

For this project, the gift giver will need to locate plenty of photographs of the couple, whether they are photos of them while together or separate. This album could celebrate the couple as they grew and progressed from strangers until marriage. Putting together a photo album can be tedious work for a busy couple, and commonly gets put on the back burner for an indefinite amount of time. This beautiful gift could help the couple through the highs and lows of marriage, as it celebrates their love.

"First Christmas" Ornament

For those who use Christmas trees during the holidays, a "First Christmas" gift ornament is practical, adorable, and unique. The ornament could even be customized with the couple's names, their year of marriage, and children's or pets' names. These cute ornaments will adorn their trees for years to come.

Handmade Quilt or Throw Blanket

With fewer people handcrafting blankets every year, it is rare to receive a blanket as a gift. For those who grew up with the quilts and blankets, there was nothing that would keep you warmer during the cold weather or keep you safer during a scary movie. Every home needs a special handmade blanket to adorn either the sofa or the bed. Gifts are meant to be tokens that come from the heart. When a gift has a loving sentimental value to it, it holds a special place in the recipient's home. Special gifts are typically very affordable, making them perfect for the shopper on a budget.

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