Planning a Family Trip to Mexico – How You Can Immerse the Kids in the Mayan Culture

A family vacation is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to escape day-to-day life, relax, and unwind. It’s also a great opportunity to expose kids to different cultures, cuisines, sights, and attractions. For those who are planning a family trip to Mexico, you’ve got a great opportunity to really immerse kids in a different culture, in particular, the Mayan Culture. The Mayan people remain one of the most studied and mysterious groups in history, which can help to spark interest in the kids.

So, as you plan your family holiday to Mexico, here are some ways you can help immerse the kids in the Mayan culture and truly take away a unique experience from your trip.

Read About the Mayans in Advance

Before you even depart for your trip, why not take the time to read about the Mayan people with your kids? There is plenty of information available online and in the library that is written specifically for kids so that it’s easy to grasp. The Mayan culture was known to have existed all the way back in 2,000 BC, but they completely disappeared by 800 to 900 AD. The disappearance of the Mayan civilization still remains one of the greatest mysteries in history.

There are all kinds of theories that exist about what happened to the Mayan people and where they went, but there is no definitive answer. Because they were thought to have been one of the most advanced civilizations to ever walk the earth, the mystery just grows deeper and deeper.

Visit Mayan Sites While in Mexico

Of course, there is no better way to bring the lure of Mayan culture to life than by visiting Mayan ruins and sites while in Mexico. These ruins can be found throughout the country, but some areas are truly spectacular.

Take, for example, Chichén Itzá, which is by far the most popular and well-known archaeological site in the country. This site is a wonderful example of Mayan architecture, and even a lesson in astronomy. The Mayans settled the site in 423 CE and then it was suddenly abandoned by the 9th century. The ruins are massive and they include a large pyramid, a giant Mayan calendar constructed from stone, an observatory, and more.
Another must-see Mayan site is the walled city of Tulum, which is found on the coastline, adjacent to a white sand beach. The Spanish sailed this exact coast all the way back in 1518 when it served as a scenic port.

Sample Mayan Cuisine

No trip to Mexico is complete without at least sampling a little bit of what Mayan cuisine has to offer. Many of the foods are ones you've likely enjoyed at home dozens of times, not realizing where they originated from.

Some of the most popular dishes include guacamole, corn tortillas, chocolate (yes, it started in Central America), tamalitos, tamales, and quinoa.

Make it a Memorable Experience

By teaching the kids about ancient Mayan culture, you’ll be making sure they not only have a fun trip but a memorable one!

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