Things To Do with the Kids During A Weekend in Toronto

Of all places to go in Canada, Toronto has a ton of pull with families looking to have their first vacation experience north of the border. With tons of attractions, sights, and things to do, you won't be bored during your time there.

Having a hard time knowing where to start? Try the following itinerary on for size and you'll be sure to have an awesome holiday!

1) Canada's Wonderland
If there's anything kids love, it's a good thrill. At Canada's Wonderland, you'll find plenty of this amazing feeling, as there are plenty of roller coasters, a water park with plenty of slides, and midway rides ranging from mild to wild.

Being a park sponsored by the Hanna Barbera Productions, your little ones will be thrilled to find characters like Scooby Doo and Charlie Brown walking around. Combine these timeless interactions with the fact this park keeps adding new attractions every year, and you have the recipe for an amazing day in Toronto with your kids.

Sometimes, though, the weather has other ideas. If you are holed up in your hotel, your children can be kept occupied with cartoons on your room's TV, or down at your property's pool when you aren't playing board games with them.

When you get a moment to yourself, add some excitement to a rained out day by firing up some online entertainment. There are many sites which offer a wide variety of games that will make the hours fly by.

Should you choose to play for real money as you spin the virtual roulette wheel or choose to hit on 15 in blackjack, who knows, you might just end up making money during this unplanned bit of downtime!  

2) Ontario Science Center
Got some inquisitive minds in your car as you head up the 401 towards Toronto? Take these lucky kids to the Ontario Science Center.

Seeking to teach scientific concepts through more than 500 interactive exhibits in over eight themed halls, and with live demonstrations taking place everyday, they will connect with the subject and have fun at the same time. Can their teachers in school claim the same? We thought not. 

3) Hockey Hall of Fame
Athletically-minded families making the trip to the T Dot will want to make pay homage to one of Canada's greatest gifts to the world: the sport of hockey. While the National Hockey League (NHL) season will be long over by the time you make it north this summer, you plan a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

More than just a showcase for players who have made their mark in the NHL, it chronicles the origins of one of the fastest, roughest games in the world, and the achievements of players of all genders and in all major leagues around the world.

Of particular interest are the interactive components of this attraction: you can test your shot, try your hand at goal tending, and cast a game like the professionals on TSN/ESPN. 

4) CN Tower
No family trip to Toronto, Canada would be complete without a trip up to the top of its tallest structure, the CN Tower. Soaring more than 1,800 feet into the sky, you'll get a view of the surrounding city and Lake Ontario that you would otherwise have to pay a helicopter pilot tons of money to see.

Have teens who can't turn down a dare? Go on a EdgeWalk – with only guy wires keeping you from plunging to earth, you'll all have a hair-raising experience you won't soon forget.

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