Why Learning to Make Memes Can Be Educational and Fun for Kids

It's no secret that kids love the internet and enjoy playing on computers and tablets. Sometimes, this can seem like a useful activity that helps them learn IT skills and engage in different educational activities, however sometimes it can also seem like they're just playing games and messing around! Luckily there are some fun things that kids can do online that can also be useful to them in terms of learning new skills. A surprising one of these is making memes.

Here we look at what memes are, how you can make them and why this can be something beneficial for kids to learn how to do.

What Are Memes?

If you spend much time on Facebook or other websites, you've probably already seen a lot of memes. Memes are those pictures and captions that tend to get shared as humorous things among friends. For adults, memes can be jokes about politics, favorite TV shows, or just about your own life, and for kids, things are not too different. Of course, what is appropriate in terms of humor can be quite different for children!

What Are Some Easy Ways to Make Them?

Memes usually consist of one or more images with a text caption that makes the joke. They can be pictures of cute animals, scenes from TV shows or movies, or comics. There are some websites that help you create memes by choosing a photo and then adding your own text over the top. More complicated memes like rage comics - which are a style of comic that uses a specific art style made up of stock figures and faces - can also be made using templates sites like ragemaker.net. While you can also make memes using simple picture editing software, there are plenty of sites that do most of the leg work for you and allow the kids to focus on choosing the pictures and words that they want.

What Kids Can Learn from Doing This

Learning to make memes can help children learn how to use pictures and edit them, crop them, and do other things to make them look how they want. This is a beneficial skill to have when it comes to using computers. They can also learn about how to make captions that are funny and well written, allowing them to express their creativity by creating something they find funny that they can then share with their friends.

Making memes can be a fun way for kids to spend their time online but can also help them boost their IT literacy and give them a fun project that will also make them a hit with their friends! You can start off by learning how to make them yourself and then teaching your kids what you have learnt. In no time you can be putting together funny things you can share as a family and can even surprise each other with memes you have made relating to things that happen in your family life!

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