Woodworking Projects Using a Table Saw

 A table saw is a very versatile tool used in creating loads of woodwork stuff. You can do a lot if you know how to handle it safely. Moreover, you can always learn to use it, for the sake of your DIY projects.

Here are some few examples of the type of woodwork you can do using a table saw.

1.     Oak Mirror

A table saw is useful when you want to make a tall wooden oak mirror for your home. Besides, the mirror can allow you to see the entire ensemble from head to toe.
Moreover, you can create it as big, as you want, depending, on your room’s dimensions and decor. This is because it is supposed to add a touch of elegance and not outshine everything else in the room. Besides, it is very simple and easy to build.

2.     Bookcase

You can also build a small but steady bookcase for your books and other items. Just use some nice trims of plywood for the job. Make sure the edges are clean and trim for a clean finish.
Besides, you can opt for any design be it an under-window bookcase, a corner or corridor bookcase. The choice lies in your taste and home design.

3.     Craft Storage Center

If you happen to have a craft or sewing room in your home, then you can make some storage spaces for some stuff. You can create it as big as you want, but make it simple in a way that you can access anything from it easily.

4.     Rustic Pot Rack

Your kitchen will never have a boring look if you know how to handle a table saw. You can make anything you want even a pot rack. It can take you up to 2 hours. You can use a couple of rods and cedar.
This woodwork item can be very useful, especially if you have loads of pots and pans that need to hang, during storage. Besides, such pot racks often add value and style to your kitchen wall.
Moreover, the upper board space can be useful for setting other kitchen stuff.

5.     Bread Tray

A wooden slated kitchen bread tray is also one important item you can make with the help of a table saw. You can even present it to someone else, as most people never think of having it.
A bread-slicing tray can make it easier to slice bread as its crumbs fall off the counter. Thus, you can take freshly sliced bread on the table with zero messy crumbs. Moreover, you can create a matching cut board that can easily slip into the carrier and use it as a serving tray.

6.     Bird Feeder

This is usually a beginner’s guide to woodworking, but that does not mean you cannot build an attractive bird feeder out of cedar. Moreover, you can use Plexiglas on its sides, in order to see when the birdseed needs a refill.
Just make sure it is strong enough to stand and last through the weather for years to come. As much as it is an easy project, try to make it sturdy.

7.     Play Washers

Play washers is a very addictive game, which is similar to horseshoes but you here you have to throw large flat washers at a game board that has three holes, for score points.
You can build your own set of board game from any leftover scrap lumber and enjoy it with family and friend. Besides, it is fun for backyard barbecue weekends.

8.     Play Corn hole

Loads of colleges, especially in the USA like to play this game during barbecue festivals and tailgating. The board is easy to make and play with. You just toss a beanbag onto the game board, for scores and fun.


You see, you can do a lot more with a table saw. You just have to think outside the box. Moreover, if you are good at it, you can make anything you can think of. There are loads of home, office and garden items you can easily put together with this tool.
You just need other complementing tools and materials depending on what you are building like woodworker glue, pencil, finish nails, sandpaper, and hammer, among others to put the woodwork together and make something useful.

Sources used: https://sawingpros.com/table-saw-work/

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