There are many ways you can help to bring your community closer together. Even for a community in which you don't know anyone, creating local events is a great way to show unity. When most people think of creating community events, they think of raising money. However, it doesn't always have to be about money. There can be other reasons for getting the community to interact with each other such as the street pianos found on Normal pianos get painted beautifully and then set out in the streets for people of all walks of life to enjoy and make music with one another. For anyone interested, below are some other ideas for getting a community together. 

Street Parties
Street parties, or block parties, have been around for a very long time. These can be held anywhere and for anyone. It is a great way to create a space for people of all ages, backgrounds and social statuses to come together at the street level. Block parties are great because they are more of a relaxed type of event. 

Film Screening
Another great way to bring people together is to host a film screening. This can be done at a park, church or school. You can choose to screen a newer film or go for a more classic film. There can be a theme and food for everyone to enjoy. A movie is a great way to get everyone out to socialize before and after the screening. 

Gardening Gang
There are many cities that have gardens or parks that are in serious need of some work. A great idea would be to organize a group of community volunteers to come together and help fix up and restore the area together. It can be a great thing to see people come together and work as a team for the greater good of the community. Pulling weeds, planting flowers and picking up trash is a nice way to transform an area for everyone to be able to enjoy. 

Holding an event for the community to come together and enjoy is a great thing to do and well worth the effort. No matter the reason behind the event being organized, bringing people together can help to create a more inclusive and caring community. All in all, you will be helping to make your area a nicer place to live.