Bedrooms are supposed to be a place where we can retreat and relax after a long hard day, and if you can’t do this in your room, it’s time to make a few changes. Luckily, there are lots of different things that you can do to add some luxury to your bedroom and get it feeling like a five-star hotel. If you’ve started to hate your disheveled and boring bedroom, pay attention to the tips below.
Clear Bad Clutter
If you want to make your bedroom look and feel more luxurious, it’s essential that you keep your room tidy and eliminate bad clutter. Bad clutter includes anything you would tell your kids off for, like dirty clothes on the floor, an overflowing trash bin, and charging cords and empty glasses here, there, and everywhere. Good clutter, on the other hand, can be left where it is. This includes small stacks of books and ornaments.

Get A Bigger Bed
When it comes to improving the look and feel of a bedroom, king beds aren’t necessary, but since they’re so strongly associated with luxury, upgrading can help. Just make sure that you have the space for a bigger bed, as creating a cramped room is only going to hinder your efforts to create a more luxurious bedroom. If you really want a king-size, get one with storage underneath, so that you can reduce the amount of floorspace storage takes up in your room.

Layer Decorative Pillows
If there is only one thing that you change in your bedroom, it should definitely be your pillows. When a bed is covered in decorative pillows, it always looks a little more luxurious, as you can tell that someone has taken their time arranging the pillows on the bed. Just be sure that you don’t overcrowd your bed, as this will have the opposite effect and will look messy and untidy. As a general rule, never fill more than one quarter of your bed with pillows.

Upgrade Your Lighting
An incredibly affordable way to improve the look of your bedroom is to buy a nicer light shade. Chances are, the one you have right now is bland, boring, and probably a bit dusty, so shop around for one a bit more exciting and stylish. Better yet, change your light fixture altogether, and upgrade to a chandelier or sophisticated hanging light.
Add A Plant
Another incredibly simple way to upgrade your bedroom is to add a little bit of greenery. This can be anything from a couple of cacti on your dresser to a large cheese plant in the corner of the room. As long as it’s a plant, and is in a stylish pot, it will help your bedroom to look and feel more luxurious.

Your bedroom is much more than the place where you sleep; It is your sanctuary, and, as such, should look and feel like one. There are lots of ways that you can do this, so why not start with one or two inexpensive ones until you create the bedroom of your dreams.