Always looking on the bright side! (image)

As parents, we run into problems that none of our single or child-free friends will understand. While these pesky issues won’t bring about the end of the world, they are still enough to stress us out and potentially ruin our day. Have a look at the following, and see if you can relate to any of them. Chances are, you will be nodding in agreement at more than one item on our short list.
Problem #1: Toxic green avengers
You have foolishly allowed a green vegetable to touch something else on your child’s plate. Getting them to eat healthy foods is hard enough, but once one of those toxic green avengers have infected your child’s dinner, you may be forced to rethink your meal plans in the future. Of course, there are ways to get your child to eat a healthier diet, but let’s face it, sometimes it is easier to admit defeat and open up another tin of beans and a packet of potato dinosaurs!

Problem #2: A mother’s work is never done
You’re emptying your child’s school bag when you discover a previously unopened letter. Your child has been asked to work on a school project at home - probably something like ‘Create A Rocket Ship Out Of Loo Rolls And Crazy String’ - and the deadline is tomorrow. While your child should have done it themselves (with a little bit of your help), you do what you always do, and get to work on it yourself (with a little bit of your child’s help). Those other moms at the school gate will be nodding in disapproval if you don’t get it done, so yet another evening to yourself is ruined thanks to your child’s education!

Problem #3: Birthday Fails
It’s your child’s birthday and everybody has arrived to celebrate. And when we say everybody, we do mean everybody! You made that classic birthday mistake and neglected to tell the other moms that they weren’t invited. Now they will be judging you on the cleanliness of your house, your failed attempts at baking a birthday cake, and that rubbish entertainer you hired on the cheap. Remember little Jimmy’s birthday last year - the one where his parents hired a rock band and celebrated with fireworks? You will when your party poppers don’t go with a bang and the other parents look at you with pity!

Problem #4: Holes, scuffs, and unsanitary stains
Your child has just come back home after playing outside and you realise they didn’t do as you asked. When you said ‘get changed’ after school, you meant more than them taking their school tie off. With holes in their trousers, scuff marks on their shoes, and mud stains on their white shirt, you will inwardly implode while working out how you are ever going to be able to afford yet another school uniform. Of course, you could always head to the nearest Stitch It for dry cleaning and stitching, or you could resolve to not let your child outside ever again. Hint: that latter option is very impractical!

Over to you
What did you think? Did you identify with any of the above? Well, as all moms can testify, it’s just another day of motherhood. If there are any other ‘mom problems’ that you think we can all relate to, please let us know. We can unite and nod in sympathy at your tales of woe. Now, stop reading and check on your child. He’s probably crawling around in the dirt somewhere, eating worms while wearing his best clothes! Still, at least he’s eating something!