Now, let’s not kid ourselves: being a parent is a job in itself. But alas, it doesn’t pay the bills, and eventually, there may come a time when you need to return to work in order to bring in some much-needed income. If you’ve spent the past few years looking after children, then you may be thinking that you’ve been out of the workforce for too long to be employable. But rest assured: this is incorrect thinking! As a parent, you’ve acquired many a skill that will easily transfer into the working world. Of course, you’ll be better suited to some jobs than others - as a starting point, we’ve put together a list of some industries and roles that should fit you like a glove.
Healthcare and Social Work
You’ve got years of experience of looking after others, why not now get paid for all that experience? Working in the healthcare or social work sector will suit you down to the ground. You’ve already shown that you’re capable of looking after others, that you have the patience to deal with people, and that you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty (see? All of your child’s puking episodes were good for something after all!). If you don’t want to be a nurse in a traditional hospital, you can look at working with disadvantaged people in other walks of life - this also has the benefit of usually having more flexible hours than most jobs, too. 

The Educational System
If you’ve excelled in your role at nurturing your child and helping them to be the best that they can be, then why not look at working within the education system, and bring your expertise to children other than your own? Parents are a natural fit for teaching young students, but that’s not the only role you’ll be fit for: you can also look at working with students in a counseling capacity. This will require some additional education, but you should find work easy to come by once you’ve completed your school counseling online degree. You can do so much more than just influencing your own child: in this role, you’ll be able to influence thousands of children throughout your career.

Multitasking from Home
You don’t necessarily have to give up your role as a stay at home parent to bring in some extra cash. If you’ve got additional time now that your children have gone to school, why not consider setting up your own home-based business? There are a million opportunities out there, and you’ll also be able to select your own working schedule. It’s the best of both worlds - being a parent and a worker - when you think about it.

The Corporate Life
Finally, there’s nothing to suggest that parents can’t excel in the corporate world. Indeed, they may be the ones most suited for it! You’re used to living with the pressure of raising a child and managing a home; you’ll certainly be able to handle the pressures of corporate life!