Video games are all too often associated with all bad things, when this is. It to the case in real life whatsoever. Video games can be a brilliant tool which helps your children to develop and grow during their early years and can even help them later on in life as they reach their teens. If you want to know exactly why you should let your children play video games, here are some reasons which will convince you

1. 3D video games increase memory
Video games in general can be a great way to increase your memory capacity simply because they require a large amount of focus and a lot of the time also need you to problem solve on a larger scale. This can force children to have to remember small details in order to make the right decisions to move on in the game. However, 3D games in particular have been seen to make a massive difference in memory retention of children. The reason for this is that 3D games will always create a more immersive experience than regular games and provide our brain with a. Ore stimulating environment which in turn makes our memory better later on.

2. Pain relief
This is a weird one to think about, but is the perfect excuse to console yourself when you aren’t feeling too great: gaming can actually act as pain relief. It was shown in a study in America that when giving patients games to play during their recovery, those who played games recovered much quicker than those who did not. This even includes the mental health of the patients. The possible explanation for this is that when palming life action games and immersive fantasy games like Final Fantasy 15 exclusive mobile game, hormones such as serotonin and adrenaline are released into the body which can excite the mind and body into recovering quicker as well as reducing the symptoms of anxiety and stress. So the next time your child is off sick for the day, let them play their games and they will likely feel much better by the end of the day.

3. It can help dyslexic children read
Dyslexic children struggle with reading words and understanding simple sentences. However video games have been proven to help these children to read whole paragraphs without any difficulty whatsoever. The reason is that rather than trying traditional reading treatments, video games are fun and this means that children don’t feel like they are learning when they are doing it. It is a much more effective way to help your child than a pink book.

4. Tetris can help your brain deal with a trauma
It was shown in a study that patients had been brought into the hospital after an accident and played 20 minutes of Tetris, while another group had to simply play on their phones with normal activities like Facebook or texting. The result of this exercise was to see the effect this and on the way the patient relived their trauma and whether they were having flashbacks of it at all. This was a success in showing the tetris is able it highly reduce the trauma caused by an accident and allows the people to recover much more quickly in their minds.

5. They can make you smarter
Video games are usually complicated and they will have a set plot line which requires you to solve your own problems and make the most reasonable decisions in any given situation. The act of switching your brain on during this time and solving these puzzles can actually increase your brain’s powers and eventually make you a smarter person overall. It doesn’t matter what type of game you play either: it is the simple act of focussing on one thing for a certain amount of time which can make you smarter.

6. It can increase brain matter
This one is an odd one, but playing video games can actually make your brain grow. Literally. Playing games such as Mario or fantasy games can actually increase the size of certain regions in the brain. The regions it will usually increase are those used for strategic planning, motor skills, memory and spatial awareness. So in short, video games don’t just make you smarter, they actually make your brain bigger!

7. It reduces anxiety
One of the greatest things which video games can help you with is the Management or anxiety and it can decrease the feelings of depression in both children and adults. If you have a child who seems to be going through a rough time of things, but them a game they can play in the evenings which can act as an escape for them to go to when they need a break from the real world. The hormones we talked about before can work to calm a child or adult down and allow them to feel much more happy and relaxed while playing a game. The ability to be able to shit off from the stress of the world for a while and be somewhere you know and are familiar with is a great way to combat anxiety overall.

8. It can increase social skills
Many of us think of video games as totally anti social, but they can actually be a great tool to chat with friends and even gain the confidence to talk to people in the real world. If your child is shy, online gaming could be the perfect remedy because they won’t have to leave their room and will be able to talk to people from all over the world and participate as a team in different games. They will likely make friends online which can give them the confidence to go out and make friends at school and in the real world. Gaming can really be a big help in bringing a shy child out of their shell and allowing them to thrive.