Compound miter saws represent one of the best solutions when it comes to straight cuts. Made to tackle different materials such as crown molding, frames or different objects around the home, the miter saw represents a must-have in the construction and decorating segments. See the top miter saws on the market today by visiting Miter Saw Buzz. 

Types of miters saws

Although there are different types of saws to choose from, you can find three main solutions marketed in most hardware stores and they include:

• Compound saws

• Dual-bevel compound saws

• Sliding compound miter saws

The compound saws represent a practical option for straight cuts. The saws will also tilt to the left which means that you have the opportunity to cut more types of materials. Such materials can prove useful with corners and they include crown molding cuts.

The dual-bevel compound saw represent a similar alternative to the compound saw. The main difference comes with the tilting which is now possible both to the left and to the right. The main advantage of this system is the practicality as you do not have to change the position of the material you are cutting.

The sliding compound miter saw represents one of the recommended solutions when it comes to better overall movement. It slides back and forth and it thus represents a solution with great versatility. At the same time, it can cut wider pieces of wood.

There are, of course, different solutions for the professional use and for the home user. Generally speaking, a 12” compound miter saw is good for commercial use and contractors. If you only plan to use the miter saw around your home with occasional work, a 10” solution is much more recommended. There are even smaller saws to consider in some cases.

But with a good 10” miter saw, you should be able to cut most woods you have around your home when building or decorating. You should also be able to do this inside the home with the right setup. This setup includes a dedicated stand which can hold the saw into position. In some cases, it is also useful to minimize your impact on the home and this is the case with dust. Luckily, many modern saws now offer dust collection bags which significantly reduce your impact as you cut wood indoors.

If you still want to improve your results further and do a job which is closer to what professionals would deliver, you can do this by choosing a saw which comes with laser guiding. This precise solution proves useful when it comes to better overall cuts and improved finesse. At the same time, laser guiding can come to complete modern miter saws with up to date technologies which means there will be no real reasons to upgrade your power tool in the near future. With different blades to choose from, you can thus have your own saw which can be used for most jobs around the house. If you are looking to purchase your first compound miter saw, make sure you fully understand how to operate the product by reading its user manual thoroughly before the first use.