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As your kids grow up, they will likely find things that they are really interested in. Some kids will have broad interests and want to do absolutely every after school club and activity possible and others will have just one thing that they really want to do. Either way, it is your job as a parent to let your kids explore their interests and find ways of developing other skills at the same time.

Though your kids probably won’t have any real idea of how expensive it is to pursue their interests, you should keep a tight hold on the purse strings to make sure that you are giving them the best opportunities without overspending. 

Independent Discovery
One of the best ways for kids to learn is through play and whether you create a structured game to teach specific skills like fine motor skills or counting, or you let them run wild, it all counts. Finding something in the middle is also a good option, though it might take a bit of setting up.

For example, you could set up a pretend archeological dig in your garden using dinosaur fossil replicas. Use small trowels to dig up the soil and then old paint brushes to gradually get the fossil replica out. This will help younger children develop fine motor skills as well as teach the importance of being gentle. For older children, you can discuss your methods, what the creature might be as it is unveiled and then do research to find out more. 

Guided Learning
Though children can learn a lot on their own, giving them some guidance will help them to discover resources they may not have the chance to stumble across themselves. For example, you could buy books and then read to them at night at story time or help them to do internet searches to find out more information.

Spending time pursuing their interests together will show your children that you support what they are learning and encourage them to do more. They will also have something new to talk about with you that may be a little bit different from their siblings. This special bond can’t be underestimated.
Finding New Interests
For some children, finding an interest is more a case of narrowing down, but for others, the right thing might take some time to come along. The best thing to do is to encourage your children to try lots of new things but don’t give up after just one go. Like putting food in front of fussy toddlers, give more difficult interests like music a few goes before deciding it isn’t for them.

The more stuff they try, the broader their interests will be and the more they will thrive at school too. However, don’t forget that your kids might make suggestions too and listen to what they would like to do as well. Their friends will also be doing plenty of activities and doing things together can be a great way to strengthen their friendship too.