Rising pollution levels and chemicals within the air has left us all susceptible to diseases never thought possible before. It is very difficult to maintain purity despite constant checks. There is lead and arsenic in water, SPM in the air we breathe and toxins and bacterial infection looming on the land we walk on. There is the danger of toxicity at every corner. 

Nature is corrupted to the point of revolt now. However, the protection of your homes is an endeavor you can take up in your hands even if there is nothing you can do about the world. If you are wondering how to protect your family and loved ones from the onslaught of health hazards, here are a few tips to keep your homes healthy with a smart approach.

Driving away molds from your home
Some people have chronic breathing problems, breaking into horrendous bouts of coughs and sneezes. It is often our furry friends who are blamed for the predicament but the problem is often lurking in the most humid corners of the house. Molds can cause terrible breathing irritation and the spores are suspended in the air, invisible to the naked eye.

Mold spores thrive in moisture. If you want to rid your homes of these spores you have to regulate the moisture content in the air of your homes. Fix leaking faucets and dripping ceilings. Keep your rooms well ventilated and dry. There are a lot of dehumidifiers out there that can control the moisture level of your home.  

Being natural
When there are natural alternatives available why should you incorporate more chemicals as your cleaners? It is better to use equally effective remedies that are almost toxin free and good for the environment as well.

  • A concoction of baking soda and warm water is a fantastic all-purpose cleaner. 
  • Instead of using toxic chemicals that can leak into the oceans or fume into vapor and cause damage to your lungs, pour baking soda into your clogged drains. Then pour some vinegar, let it react and flush with a bout of warm water, and you are done.
  • Lemon juice and borax work great as toilet shines, bid adieu to acid washes now.

Try and give natural remedies a chance whenever you can. You can get more information on such natural tricks and other health-related aspects online, especially through portals like Apex Beats.

Getting rid of chlorine
Chlorine is a fantastic chemical used to expunge germs from water. Tap water is often highly chlorinated. Despite killing the nasty germs, chlorine in itself is not healthy for consumption in large quantities and can be the cause for a number of health hazards. It is a good idea to install charcoal filter to de-chlorinate the tap water prior to consumption. This makes sure your water is germ-free as well as chemical-free.

Battling dust
Mites thrive in dust and can be the cause for a number of ailments your family is suffering from. It is very important to vacuum the carpets, sofa covers and curtains which are often overlooked.

Keeping these tips in your mind you can protect your families from falling sick or contracting chronic diseases. Remember, health begins at home!