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In the last couple of years, there has been a rising trend in ‘wellness’. All sorts of articles, blog posts and research have been presented on the subject, but what is the difference between health and wellness?

Well, in short, health is about maintaining your health and wellness is about your wellbeing. While the two are not quite mutually exclusive, there is a difference. Your health should be maintained from a medical perspective whereas wellbeing is more about finding out what feels good and going with it. A great example is getting a massage: this will make your muscles relax and your skin feel lovely with the oils, but it’s unlikely to cure a disease.
How to Learn More About Health
Learning about what makes you healthy is a really good idea as this will help you to recognise when something is wrong as well as come up with a simple solution whether that means sleeping an illness off or going to the doctor for further tests. You can do lots of research online using sites like WebMD but you should also be a bit wary of becoming a hypochondriac in the process. Remember every symptom you Google is likely to lead to death in some form so don’t panic if a bit of acne suddenly looks like a life-threatening rash - it’s most likely just acne!

If you are really interested in learning more about your health, there are lots of courses you could try such as a Family Nurse Practitioner online degree. This will give you much more of an understanding about maintaining health and will come in really useful if you have a large family. 

How Can Wellness Help You?There is absolutely nothing wrong with wellness practices as long as you understand that they are about feeling good, not curing a condition. In fact, many of the wellness practices are ideal for relaxing and calming down, so while they can’t be regarded as a cure, they can certainly be used as a complementary treatment for conditions such as stress and anxiety.

Wellness exercises like yoga or Pilates are brilliant for stretching out your muscles and releasing tensions that build up over the day. Taking the time to do these exercises also gives you a bit of room to think and gently empty your mind after a hectic day. If it feels good, why would you not?

Finding the Balance Between Health and Wellness
The balance between health and wellness is quite easy to find as long as you are sensible. Keep doing all the wellness activities you enjoy and do continue to eat a healthy balanced diet that contains plenty of fruit and veg but do also go to your doctor if you feel poorly.

Be wary of fads that claim to ‘cure’ or ‘prevent’ and do research to find out more about the basis for the claims. You can also ask a medical professional about these fads and they will be more than happy to confirm or deny their use.