Kids are the prime examples of pure innocence, love, and compassion. However, as they get older, outside influences can snatch those elements away, making your children question their beliefs, ideas, and selves. However, you can ensure your kids maintain a compassionate heart and a sweet soul with the following easy-taught, traditional faith-based values. 

Read and Discuss the Bible’s Teachings as a Family
From an early age, you can help your child learn more about their faith and God with regular Bible readings and teachings, as a family. Not only is this excellent bonding time, but it gives you and your kids the opportunity to read, discuss, and comprehend the Lord’s teachings together. You can pass around ideas about meanings, examples of those teachings in today’s world, and discussions about the chapters. Encourage your children to take as much time as they need on a passage to gain understanding and clear perspective of what the Bible is conveying to them. 

Live a Spiritual Life that Leads by Example
Children are often challenged by contradictions to their teachings and beliefs in God. And one reason for this is because they see someone praying on Sundays, but then see those same people doing negative, harmful things throughout the week. To balance their worlds and instill their faith, lead a spiritual life through your own example. Go to church. Enroll them in something like the catholic youth ministry Gaithersburg MD. Show kids that you can have fun and live normally, while still being righteous in your beliefs and strong in your positive values. As the saying goes—practice what you preach. 

Practice Compassion, Love, and Guidance
As mentioned above, kids take to heart your examples of faith and a love for God. Ergo, you should practice your own compassion, love, grace, and guidance. Show your kids that it IS possible to lead a wholesome and God-loving life, while helping others, being open to life experiences, and spending time with the ones you love the most. 

In today’s world, it can be hard to instill faith-based values and traditions in your children. However, it can be done. Persevere with the teachings and lessons of God, and encourage your kiddos to listen attentively, love compassionately, and pray religiously.