Interesting thing about reborn baby dolls or reborns is that most people don’t know them by their name. Most of you will refer to them as “creepy doll” or something even worse. However, no matter how we perceive them it’s hard to deny that these items are small pieces of art.

Reborn baby dolls are lifelike products that in many ways resemble real kids. This is actually what scares us the most: the very thought that someone can create such a realistic item is downright unnerving. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to mistake them for real kids in public. Just imagine approaching a baby trying to cuddle with it only to realize that a person is actually holding a doll (yes, this happens). Situations such as this are really common as reborn enthusiasts tend to take these silicone babies everywhere.

In order to better understand these products and how they became so popular, make sure to read the article!

History of reborns

Let’s start from the top.

As most of you know, dolls are nothing new. These items are as old as human civilization. They were present in primitive societies and managed to persist up to this day.

It is hard to say why but there was always a need to create small objects resembling real beings. Furthermore, these lifelike silicone dolls were used by both children (as toys) and adults (for various rituals and as a superstition). Even though their role changed a bit over time one thing persisted: people always wanted to create more realistic dolls.

During 20th century (1930s) first reborns were created. Already at this point, doll making became a recognized profession and dolls were quite intricate. However, there was still a desire to make them more lifelike. First reborn babies were created by using existing products and adding more details to them.

At first, it was really hard to sell them. They were usually handed down from a person to person and you had to be a real enthusiast to be aware of all these stores where they could be purchased. In fact, several attempts to introduce them to department stores failed miserably as they were deemed “scary” by regular customers.

Only in the last decade or so did they see increase in popularity. This is basically due to internet and globalization. More people are aware of them and it has become easy to purchase them online. The previous blocks no longer exist and you can buy them with a click of a button.

Uniqueness and pricing
                There are several reasons why these items are so popular.

                First and foremost, people simply love dolls. Interestingly enough the most common customers are adult women who buy them for themselves. In that regard, it is hard to say that these are the same as regular toys. Instead they are more of a role-play items and women usually do all sorts of things with them: brush their hair, take them for a walk, feed them etc. They are also very popular among women who suffered a child loss.

                Another reason why they became so popular is their uniqueness. These items are handmade and even if two products were made to look similar, they are rarely so. Greatest artists will only make one piece of a doll and sell it for a high price. The most famous pieces can be sold for more than $10, 000. Average price of a doll is around 100 to 200 dollars which makes it a very lucrative profession.

                There are also bragging rights when you purchase a famous item; unlike some other hobbies and collectibles where there hundreds and thousands of items, once you buy a reborn you can rest assured that no one else has the exact same doll. In that sense, it resembles art and art pieces (thus the high price).

Have in mind that these items can be bought as a gift. However, you need to consider their price when purchasing them. They aren’t optimal for kids younger than 3 years as they tend to pick apart dolls. Still, if your child is old enough, this can be a perfect present!