In the world of fashion, women have evolved. We enjoy variety and have options that work. This is very important to every woman. Perhaps it is best shown through the successful businesswoman.

Below we will share with you some fashion tips from women who have fought the battle and won. Whether you are a CEO or a soccer mom, these tips will help you define your look and style and appreciate the many women who fought their way through the bias that was fashion.

Know your body type
We are all different. In today’s world, we have access to fashion regardless of the size on the tag. It is not about wearing a fad, it is about wearing what looks good on you. It is about style and flare. It is about looking good and feeling confident.

A successful woman understands that her clothing is a statement. Dressing appropriately is critical. A woman in a board meeting should not be dressed like she is going out to the club. A woman at a company function knows that business casual does not mean cut-off jeans and a tank top.

A successful woman accents her beauty and impresses with her skills. She does not have to dress down to compete in the business world.

If you are a plus size woman, you do not have to prove you are sexy. There is a time and place for your sex appeal. When you are with the one you love, wear your plus size lingerie and costumes for curvy women. But, when you are in a business setting it is your brain that matters.

Define dressing-up
Many women do not have a clear view in their minds about what dressing-up actually means. You can dress up in a formal gown or slacks. Dressing-up means something different for each event.

You would not show up for a formal business dinner wearing a bride's dress. Yet, sometimes women go too far in that direction. Society has taught us that dressing up always includes lace, pearls, and heels. In fact, a successful woman will wear a classic cut which is understatedly chic. She will save her bridal gown for her wedding.
Tip: If you are getting married, select the bridal gown that looks good on you. This is your day to shine and you can do so by selecting a gown that flatters your body. Click here for help selecting a bride’s dress.

You can even add clothing to your Honeyfund to receive as a wedding gift. A Honeyfund is a fund for your honeymoon and proper clothing is part of that. It is easy to register with Honeyfund or you can like your store registries to your Honeyfund. It is an appropriate gift that people are glad to give.

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Quality over quantity
A high-quality dress or suit is worth every penny it costs. High-quality items fit better, perform better, and last longer than cheap clothes. You should select pieces that can be matched with different pieces for a variety of looks from the same outfit. Changing the blouse you wear will give your business suit a new look. Buy pants and skirts to wear with your jacket.

Accessorize properly
You can dress-up or dress down with proper accessories. A basic black dress can look business-casual by adding a scarf. It can be dressed up by replacing the scarf with a string of pearls. Shoes make a bold statement. Wear your more conservative shoes to the office and save the stilettos for your cocktail party. Grabbing a satchel looks put together in a corporate setting, while a simple evening bag changes the look to an after 5 look.

Look well groomed not over made-up
A successful woman always looks put together. Her hair is clean, styled, and attractive. She keeps her nails manicured. Her smile means more to her than anything and she takes good care of her teeth. However, some women go way over the top with makeup. Wearing too much makeup makes you look unprofessional at best and trashy at worst. Learn how to apply makeup that gives you a more natural tone.

There is a time and a place for every wardrobe choice. There is a time to let yourself go and a time to makes sure all eyes are on your presentation (and not your cleavage.) By learning these basics, and investing in your wardrobe, you will always have the right clothes for the right occasion. That one exercise will help you be successful. Your appearance announces to the world that you are serious and a force to be reckoned with.