Whenever you hear the word Velcro, you get an idea about a long tape that can stick things together! However, the fact is that, Velcro is much more than just a piece of tape. Don’t believe us? Well, you just need to know the multi-faceted uses of Velcro! Discover how it can become your trusty partner! 

 You actually have no idea the multiple ways you can integrate the Velcro in projects and elevate your interior décor! So, do not waste and learn the ways to use the amazing invention named Velcro. Learn more about Velcro also known as hook and loop fastener, from Wikipedia.

There are many stores, like MPD Hook & Loop, that offer various Velcro options. Apart from coming to the aid of various industries like apparels, these hook and loop fasteners can help the homeowners as well! Just get hold of Velcro, and start building DIY (Do It Yourself) projects to make your home look beautiful.

 Innovative Ideas to Use Velcro around Your Home

The reasons for using Velcro are usually the same, but what people have not discovered is the amazing power of Velcro. It can be used across a wide variety of DIY projects, enhancing and elevating the look of your home! All you need to do is use Velcro.

Here are some of those ideas:

1.  Wall Decorations: You are most probably thinking, Velcro can be used to hang pictures! So, what is so innovative in that? Well, the uses of Velcro in wall decoration do not end there. The power of Velcro remains undiscovered by most! Velcro has the ability to hold up mirrors and different kinds of storage solutions as well as wall décor! There are so many kinds of Velcro, so just make sure that the Velcro you have chosen can sustain the weight and stick to the surface of the wall. This way you can not only improve aesthetics by hanging up different wall decorations, but also improve functionality of the room.

2.  Beautification & Enclosing the Porch: During the winters, your porch becomes inaccessible because of the weather! To enclose a porch, a normal project can burn a hole in your finances. Be smart! Use Velcro along with clear vinyl, which is quite light on the pockets. Now, to the part about beautification! Most often wind blows off cushions, pots and outdoor décor items. This can ruin the look of the porch! Use Velcro to secure the cushions and all the outdoor décor items.

3.  Protect Rugs from Sliding: You step on the rug and whoops, you slide and fall! Has this ever happened to you? It is a common occurrence. Some people place objects on the four ends of the rugs, ruining the beauty of the interior décor. Instead add Velcro bits to the backside of the rug and on the floor! This will definitely stop the rug from moving and causing accidents.

4.  Furniture Décor: These can rather be called a disguise for furniture! If you have furniture that you might not love, you could use the different types of Velcro to improve its look. Old furniture, which has lost its beauty, can be enhanced with Velcro as well. You can use the coloured Velcro to disguise and create beautiful patterns to cover up the issues and improve the look of the furniture as well as the room!

Who knew that Velcro could improve the aesthetics of your home?! It is one of the most underestimated inventions. Many use it, but have no idea of its power! Do you fall under that category of homeowners? Hopefully, now you have understood the power of the humble Velcro. You can also use Velcro for home improvement. Use Velcro to its full potential, now that you have discovered its power, and create a beautiful home that is not only aesthetically enhanced, but also functional!